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About the Best Indian Side Dishes - Chutney, Pickles, and More

A complete Indian meal comprises of various sections of foods. From curry to bread to rice to a side dish and dessert. A meal that has all these together is considered to be a highly nutritional and complete Indian meal. Every component of this meal is as important as the next. The curry is eaten with the rice, a dry vegetables dish is enjoyed with ghee coated chapatis, most people also enjoy curd with their meal along with side dishes. A complete Indian meal can also be enjoyed at good Indian restaurants all over the world like Dosa and More in Berlin, Germany. A very well thought through combination of curry and vegetable dish is made and the side dishes are chosen accordingly. Each component has its own nutritional value which makes it irreplaceable in the meal package. Every person who enjoys an Indian meal has a different style of consuming it. Some only like rice and curry while others prefer dry dishes over gravy. Elderly people in India understand and value a full-fledged Indian meal that includes all the components.

In this article we will talk extensively about the side dishes that are served with an Indian meal in an Indian household or at any Indian restaurant. These side dishes add a certain amount of tanginess to the main meal. There are various categories of side dishes that exist in the Indian cuisine and they mostly change with the change in state. Papads are a famous side dish in South India while pickles are more of a North Indian side dish delicacy. Most Indian mothers and grandmothers make these side dishes at their home but they are also available for people all around the world to purchase through online grocery stores. Visit Dosa and More to try more such delicious Indian food in Berlin, Germany.

Some of the most popularly consumed and adored Indian side dishes are as follows:

1. Pickles:

Tanginess and spiciness at its peak! Pickles or acharas are delicacies mostly made using a fruit like mango or vegetable like carrots or even herbs like garlic. The key to making any pickle is patience. Pickles need to be soaked in oil and spices for a specific time period which helps them get infused with the flavours and aroma easily. Mangoes are popularly consumed in North India especially with parathas. The spice blend used to make pickles of different kinds is unique to brands, households and even individuals. A simple mango pickle will taste entirely different in two different Indian households. The beauty of pickles is how they make every meal tangy. Pickle is a very commonly served side dish in Indian restaurants all around the world.

2. Papads:

Crispy, crunchy delight! Papads are consumed heavily all over India but different states consume rather unique kinds of papads. Like pickles they are also made at home. A light, smooth mixture or batter is created generally using dal flour or rice flour. This batter is then made into thin sheets and spread on a muslin cloth. The cloth is kept for a day or more in the sun to dry up. These sheets, called papads are then peeled off from the cloth and fried, roasted or microwaved to make them crispy for eating. Papads add a crunch to the regular meal and are also available in various different flavours. Papads are widely enjoyed as a snackable, topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, salt and lemon juice.

3. Raita:

A simple yet delicious watery side dish made using curd and spices. For people who do not take milk in any form a curd raita is the perfect and most efficient alternative. Curd mixed with a little water is thoroughly stirred to form a slightly thin, curd mixture called matha or chach. Later spices like salt, chaat masala, mirch powder, etc are added to this mixture to make raita. Some people also add boondi or shredded cucumber or even shredded bottle gourd in the raita to make it special. Some restaurants serve pineapple raita or mixed fruit raita too.

4. Chutney:

A coarse paste of various spices, herbs and vegetables blended together and enjoyed as a popular side dish in India. One of the world famous chutneys from India is coconut chutney. It is a coarse paste of coconut, green chillies, tamarind and salt. This chutney is served with almost all South Indian meals like Idli, Dosa, Rasam rice, lemon rice, vada, etc. Another famous Indian chutney is green chutney that is a blend of Indian spices with herbs like pudina, dhaniya, etc. This side dish is served with various Indian meals as stated above and is also consumed solo with paratha or chilla, etc.

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