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Dosa and More: A Place for Indians to Have Authentic Food in Germany

Moving abroad is a huge task and especially when you move from a diverse country like India. India has various different cultures and a variety of flavours and dishes. Each Indian state has its own special meal, even cities have different tastes. This makes the food in India pretty diverse and it makes it even more difficult for Indians to settle abroad without the Indian spices, herbs and meals. Food is one thing that makes a person feel at home even in a foreign land. Food connects people not just to each other but to countries and cultures. In a place like India, food is also a very integral part of the culture.

The financial burden of moving to a new country and starting afresh is already too much. In order to make Indian food at home in countries abroad one would have to spend a lot of money to just get the basic ingredients and groceries. In times like these Indian restaurantsare of great help. Indian restaurants not only provide Indian meals to Indians but are also great for people who wish to try new cuisines and dishes without spending much on the groceries and ingredients. Most Indian restaurants and hotels serve a particular Indian sub-cuisine or have very limited dishes. An Indian restaurant in Berlin, Germany fills this gap greatly.

Dosa and More, is one such restaurant serving the best Indian food in berlin at pocket friendly prices. Dosa and More in Berlin is an incredible place to consume some of the best Indian cuisine dishes and meals. From South Indian meals like dosa, idli, sambhar, coconut chutney, vada and uttapam, to authentic and delicious north Indian meals like chole bhature, pav bhaji, paneer butter masala, and much more, Dosa and more has it all. This restaurant also serves some of the most mouth watering Indian street food dishes and chaats for all to try. Dosa and More does not only serve incredible dishes at reasonable prices but also has home delivery service available so anyone in Berlin can enjoy their favourite Indian meals while chilling at their own home. But first let's learn why Indian food is so popular and why one should consume Indian food.

Indian cuisine has a variety of dishes, flavours and aroma. All of these delicious meals are made using minimum machinery and using a lot of spices, herbs and groceries. Indian cuisine gained popularity mainly because of the variety of flavours of dishes available. One can find incredibly spicy and tangy dishes, as well very subtle and flavourful dishes in the Indian cuisine. Indian meals are filled with spices and herbs which add aroma and taste to them. The cooking method used to make these dishes provide a special and unique taste to them all. Most importantly Indian dishes are considered to be incredibly healthy. All Indian spices, herbs and condiments have anti-inflammatory properties and have been in use since ancient times to cure various internal and external diseases.

As an Indian living abroad these spices are something you miss the most, along with the smell and taste of stove cooked meals. Dosa and More puts an end to the search for Indian food near meand helps you experience the truest taste of India in Germany. There are a variety of dishes available at Dosa and More for all Indian food lovers to try. Some of the most popular dishes served at Dosa and More restaurant are varieties of dosas, idli and vada combo, paneer butter masala with rice, palak paneer with rice, pav bhaji, uttapam, samosa chaat, masala chai and lassi. Apart from these there are many more dishes one can have and enjoy at Dosa and More.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Dosa and More restaurant for you next dining out:

1. Dining at Dosa and More is a great experience overall. People from all over the city visit and have a culture, flavour and aroma rich meal under one roof.

2. There is a range of meals and dishes to choose from. From subtle flavoured dishes to spicy to desserts to refreshing beverages, Dosa and More has it all.

3. Dosa and More serves hygienically prepared, authentic and traditional Indian food. Organically obtained ingredients, fresh groceries and well trained chefs prepare a meal for the customers at Dosa and More.

4. You can have your meal home delivered without going through the entire fuss of stepping out of your comfort zone.

5. Chefs at Dosa and More keep the truest Indian flavours intact while making meals that are traditional.

Dosa and More has over the years become the place for Indians to have authentic Indian food in Germany. This helps them stay rooted and close to their home country while in an unknown foreign land. Places like Dosa and More help people adjust in new environments and help those of other ethnicities feel closer to the Indian land and culture.

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