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Get Your Weekly Indian Meals in Berlin at Dosa and More

Dosa and More restaurant is the best Indian restaurant in Berlin, Germany. Serving meals like Dosa and sambar, idli and vada, paneer curry rice to dishes like vegetable pulav, pav bhaji and chole bhature. Dosa and More covers most of the Indian meal flavours. From sweet to salty, you'll get all the best Indian flavours under one roof at Dosa and More. Dosa and More restaurant in Berlin serves dishes from the far north corner of India to those from the Southern parts of the culturally rich nation. This restaurant serves dishes which will make you feel like you are in India.

Since more and more people have started moving to various parts of the world to make a name for themselves, earn their living or even for education, the relevance and importance of restaurants like Dosa and More has increased manifold. These places help people feel closer to home even after being miles apart and allows them to stay in touch with their ethnicity and homeland. Those living abroad feel welcomed to the new environment and place, and settle down more easily with places like Dosa and More to dine at. Dosa and More has become a go to place for not only the Indians based in Berlin, but for all Indian food lovers there.

The increased exposure to the internet and web has led to more people accepting different cuisines, traditions and cultures all around the world. The internet has somehow joined people belonging to different communities together. People in Berlin who have never had Indian dishes, are not only trying them but are also including them in their regular meal plan. Breaking down the various barriers between Indian cuisine and people in Berlin, Dosa and More has become one of the top Indian restaurants in Berlin. The health benefits of Indian spices, ingredients and cooking techniques attracts people along with the incredible flavours and deliciousness of the dishes.

As easy as being an international cuisine based restaurant abroad sounds, a brand has to put in a lot of efforts to make things work. Being an Indian restaurant in Berlin, Dosa and More also has to jump through various hoops and hurdles to become a trustworthy place where people can dine. Dosa and More constantly works towards providing a safe environment to its customers with hospitality, ambience and of course the meals. Each meal at Dosa and More is made using only the best quality ingredients available, keeping in mind the traditional flavours and following age old recipes.

Here are some of the reasons why Dosa and More is the best place to have Indian food in Berlin:

1. Hygienic: The kitchen, staff, ingredients used and the environment around the restaurant is ensured to be completely hygienic and safe for people of all age groups.

2. Environment: Providing a safe, friendly and welcoming environment is a very huge deciding factor for most customers. Dosa and More restaurant makes sure all customers feel at home when dining at the restaurant.

3. Variety: There are a variety of flavourful Indian dishes one can try at Dosa and More. These dishes are made using traditional ingredients and following authentic Indian recipes. One can have anything from simple flavoured South Indian meals to tangy North Indian chaats and street food dishes.

4. Price: When it comes to international cuisine or ingredients the price of the products holds back various people. At Dosa and More all dishes are served at a very nominal and pocket friendly rate making it easier for all to try this exquisite cuisine.

5. Quality: With regular quality checks and serving only the best meals to the customers, Dosa and More has won most hearts abroad.

Some of the most popular Indian meals at Dosa and More include South Indian dosa and sambar meal, idli and sambar meal, medu vada meal, paneer gravy with rice meal, chole bhature, and vegetable pulav. But apart from these there are a lot more dishes one can try at Dosa and More restaurant. Dosa and More also provides its customers with home delivery of their favourite Indian meals. From Indian chaats, street food dishes, mouth watering meals to delicious and refreshing Indian drinks, Dosa and More has it all.

Indian cuisine is an epitome of flavours and culture. One can experience India at its best, with meals made authentically from the best ingredients. Dosa and More being an Indian restaurant in Berlin, has the unspoken duty to provide the best environment and food to those trying Indian meals abroad. Food not only connects people with the culture but also helps them understand the history of the place. Only the best ingredients and authentic spices are used to make a variety of delicious dishes at Dosa and More which helps enhance and broaden the horizon of a person’s palate. Enjoy your favourite Indian meal in Germany at Dosa and More.


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