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Health Benefits of Including Indian Food in Your Diet

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Indian cuisine has gained a lot of fame throughout the world recently. Especially when people discovered the various health benefits the dishes from the Indian cuisine have. The taste, variety and aroma are just added benefits. With work stress, balancing work, home and social life stress and the stress of evolution there are plenty of things for a person to be worried about. Health, however, trumps them all. Every human on this planet is stressed about their health, fitness and physique.

Managing a healthy diet, gymming or doing physical exercise and staying stress free are three key aspects of living a long healthy life. People all around the globe try various new tricks to make their diet healthier. Replacing the fatty dishes with more diet friendly meals, avoiding junk, having cheat days and what not. New food combinations are invented which seem healthier, tips like intermittent fasting, calorie counting, etc are used just to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape.

In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the various health benefits there are to adding dishes from the Indian cuisine in your everyday diet. You can add these dishes in your diet effortlessly by either cooking them at home or getting them from best Indian restaurants like Dosa and More in Berlin, Germany.

Adding Indian food in your diet will greatly affect your entire health plan. Enjoy authentic Indian food at one of best Indian restaurants in Germany, Dosa and More. The flavours, texture and aroma seem like an added bonus once you get to know about the best thing about Indian food and the ingredients, groceries and spices and herbs used to make these dishes.

Staring off with Indian spices. The spices and herbs used by Indian chefs in the making of their dishes have been in use since ayurvedic times mostly because of their medicinal benefits. These spices and herbs have anti-oxidants, antibacterial and healing properties like no other man made medicine. Indian spices and herbs like neem, turmeric, etc were and are even now used to heal both internal and external injuries.

Some health benefits and used for Indian spices are:

1. Rich in antioxidants

2. Increase vitamin content of dishes

3. Have anti-inflammatory properties

4. Improve gut health and clear digestive track

5. Boost immunity

6. Helps with the functioning of human organs

7. Help beat cold and cough very rapidly

8. Promote weight loss

9. Improve skin and hair quality

10. Rich in vitamins, fibre and minerals necessary for the body

All Indian dishes are made using spices and herbs in adequate quantities and combinations to increase the health factor of the dish. Dosa and More serves authentic Indian food in Berlin for all to enjoy and gain from the health benefits of the ingredients. These spices and herbs are usually added to vegetables.

One of the most important and necessary components of a complete Indian meal is a sabzi or dry vegetable. This part is usually a combination of two or more vegetables cooked in a kadhai with spices, herbs, or/and with chopped onions and tomatoes. These dishes are consumed with chapatis made using wheat and cooked on a tawa. Sabji is loaded with nutritions because of the veggies and the spices. The duration and quantity in which these two are cooked together ensure that the nutritional value of the dish remains high while killing all unhealthy germs and bacteria.

Next component of a complete balanced Indian meals is the curry. This dish is usually consumed with steamed rice. Lentils are also included in curry. Highly rich in plant based protein lentils are a very important part if the Indian cuisine. Curry is also veggies like soya buds, paneer, meats etc, cooked in water and spices garnish with herbs. Curry also allows the meal to be a little juicy and easy to digest. Lentils are fibre rich and protein rich and thus should be consumed on a regular basis.

Indian meals have the following health benefits:

1. It is a complete well balanced diet

2. High nutritional value

3. Helps with weight reduction and weight management

4. Promotes gut health and improved digestion

5. Boosts immunity

6. Help prevent basic organ disorders

7. Spices have many health benefits

8. Loaded with vegetables

9. Promote heart health

10. Manage cholesterol levels

Indian food is served with a side of chutney, padad or pickles. These sides are consumed with the main meal to add a distinguished flavour and taste to the dishes. Papad for the crunch, chutneys or sauces to decrease dryness and pickles for the tangy spicy flavours. The sides also carry nutritional value.

Search for Indian food near me when in Berlin and you will be directed to Dosa and More. This restaurant serves authentic and traditional Indian meals cooked in premium quality ingredients and made using the traditional recipes to ensure a complete, true to taste, well balanced Indian meal. Include a traditional Indian meal in your diet and enjoy the various health benefits that follow.


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