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Indian breads - Kinds of flour and dishes to consume them with

Well, when it comes to the types of Indian Bread, the variety is vast and really, the sky’s the limit. Most of the bread are consumed with dishes and some are filled or stuffed with different ingredients that don’t need a side dish to consume with.

One can grab some of the most delicious Indian breads at Dosa and More, an Indian restaurant in Germany. With all the varieties and the history of thousands of years, here is a detailed list of all the different kinds of Indian breads that exist and how exciting and tasty they can be!

  1. Puri

This bread is made on holy and happy occasions in India, not that you can’t eat it normally. The Bread is made with whole wheat dough and is deep-fried until the bread turns light brown in color. Salt and sometimes different ingredients are added to the dough and after frying, you get a fuller and tasty dough that is usually paired with chickpea dish, Sabji, Chole, Aloo (potato) curry, Chana masala.

2. Parantha

Parantha is made using whole wheat and is a very popular bread and is popular. The Parantha is triangle shaped and is sometimes paired with a side dish and sometimes stuffed with potatoes, Lentils, Paneer, cheese, Sugar, and even vegetables. When you travel across India, you’ll realize, the more you travel, the more the stuffing and ingredients change. While some ingredients are popular in one state, others can be popular in another, But the love is the same. Try mouth watering Indian paratha or any other Indian food when in Berlin at Dosa and More restaurant.

3. Kulcha

Made with using refined flour, this is Punjab’s (state in India) variation of Naan. It is cooked in tandoor and is made with or without stuffing. It is paired with paneer, chole.

4. Naan

Naan, the soft, spongy is inspired from the central Asian cuisines and became popular when the Mughals dominated India. To make the Naan soft, Milk is used rather than water. It is also cooked in tandoor. It is paired with Sabji, Curd, types of Paneer (cottage cheese), chicken curries, Butter chicken, and different types of tasty curries.

5. Luchi

Luchi, is also similar to Puri, it is deep-fried until it turns light brown in color, but this is popular in Bengal (State in India) and uses Refined Flour instead of whole wheat flour. It is paired with Aloo Dum, Cholar Dal, sometimes egg.

6. Appam

Popular in the South of India, this bread is made using rice and coconut milk batter, and according to taste can be sweet and savory. The Bread can be consumed with a side dish, coconut chutney, or with Sambar. The taste and amazing and this sure is a must-try! It is popular with stew, chicken curry, Kadala Curry, and eggs.

7. Bhatura

This Leavened Bread is made crispy, larger in size when compared with Puri, and is deep-fried. It is usually made using Maida - All-purpose flour is Very famous in Punjab and north of India. It is paired with Chhole and is served with achaar (Pickle) and salad.

8. Puran Poli

Popular in Maharashtra, this is a type of stuffed parantha with Chana Daal, coconut, and jaggery and cooked in Ghee. It is paired with Amti, Jaggery, toor dal, Coconut.

9. Sheermal

From the Awadh and Nizami Cuisine, this Bread completes a meal and is very popular. It is also cooked in tandoor and it is mildly sweet in taste and is flavored by using saffron. It is paired with korma, Nihari, and haleem.

10. Bakarkhani

It is also leavened Bread and has a texture like a biscuit. It is mildly spiced and is sweet and also flavored with saffron. It is a popular part of the festival Eid and is great celebration with meats and gravies. This is a staple of the Tasty Mughlai Cuisine.

11. Pathiri

This bread is white in color and has a thin pancake-like appearance. Made with using Rice Flour, This is popular in Malabari Muslims and is a must in the Iftaar during Ramzaan. It is paired with Chicken curry, puttu podi.

12. Parotta

This is a layered flatbread, and is popular in Kerala, and is really tasty. It is used as a side with Chicken curry, Salna, Beef, Eggs, Kurma, and different types of chicken gravy.

13. Lachha paratha

It is a Bread that is shaped round and has several layers that are made by applying ghee and rolling the dough in a special manner. Lachha Parantha is usually served with Mughlai Dishes

14. Baati

This bread is a little tight, served with Dal and Churma, this is a staple of the Rajasthani Cuisine and is made with using Wheat flour and using a special steamer.

Indian bread has many variations, tastes, aromas, nutritional content, but the love is always shared. Search for Indian food near me when in Berlin and get great food at reasonable price at Dosa and More.

While the country is known for its diversity, you will always see the difference in cuisines after every 100 km that you travel. The tastes, ingredients, change but we assure you, you will be amused!

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