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Reasons Why You Should Add Indian Cuisine to Your Diet Plan

Indian cuisine is a bundle of dishes created by locals in different cultures and religions of India. The country land of India has a variety of soil, different weather conditions, and distinctive cultures and ethnicity. Based on these various factors along with the methods of cultivation there are different dishes and staple dishes and ingredients of each state or culture in India.

This diversity allows the Indian cuisine to be variant and flavourful with hundreds of dishes for one to choose from. Apart from the variety, the key to a perfect Indian dish is the ingredients. In Indian cuisine, there are as many as 40 spices. The combination of these spices and herbs with vegetables and curries gives us hundreds of Indian dishes.

Indian dishes are served with flat bread or roti and/or rice. Indian curries are most enjoyed with rice. The spices in Indian dishes are cooked or roasted differently for different dishes. The uniqueness and flavour of each spice and herb used to give colour, aroma, taste, and texture to the meal. One can enjoy a hot plate of fresh and original Indian dish one of the best Indian restaurants in Germany, Dosa, and More.

The Indian cuisine includes dishes that are salty, spicy, savoury, sweet, and tangy. These dishes are mouth watering delights and if cooked correctly and cautiously, are very healthy for the human body too. Indian spices have many health benefits and combined together an Indian meal is full of nutrients.

The Indian flavours are spreading to places all over the world and Indian food is now on the global map. The export and trade of Indian ingredients like spices and herbs has improved India’s relations with other countries and vice versa. Like Dosa and More, a pure vegetarian, a healthy, hygienic, and cheap Indian restaurant in Berlin.

The growth and spread of Indian cuisine are huge. Chains of Indian food joints and restaurants are opening all around the world. People all around are gaining knowledge about organic food and there is a rise in the consumption of healthy, organic Indian ingredients. The growth in demand for Indian food has led to more and more people wanting to try the cuisine.

The improvements in foreign relations have provided the Indian cuisine and the dishes the necessary push. With people more aware of the health benefits, flavours, and variety of the cuisine, they keep asking for more. The increase in the export of organic Indian food products has made people more knowledgeable about this beautiful cuisine.

There are various reasons why one should definitely add Indian dishes to their everyday meal plans. Here are some of them:

1. Healthy: Indian dishes are full of nutrients and are a low-fat alternative for health conscious people, who also want variety in their meals. Indian dishes like Idli are light, very low calories, and super filling. To get the true taste of Indian idlis visit the best Indian restaurants in Berlin, Dosa and more. The nutrient rich and low-fat properties of Indian dishes make them a perfect addition to the dietary plan. Low in saturated fat, high in fiber, and widely vegetarian, are just some of the qualities of Indian dishes.

2. Preparation procedure: The best part about having an Indian dish is that it is cooked and not just boiled and tossed in a bowl. The entire process of cooking the vegetables and spices ensures complete utilisation of their health benefits. Cooking food before eating also kills the harmful bacteria and germs in the vegetables along with providing better taste and aroma, making the dish overall more appealing.

3. Use of medicinal herbs: The spice and herbs used in the preparation of Indian dishes are full of nutrients and have many health benefits. Indian spices like Ginger, Cumin, Chilies, Garlic, Black pepper, etc have healing power and act as immunity boosters.

4. Rich sources of protein: While most people assume a purely vegetarian diet means no protein, there are plenty of dishes in Indian cuisine that are rich in protein like lentils, paneer, and tofu. Lentils are a must have dish in every Indian household.

5. Flavours and Aroma: The smell of a freshly cooked Indian meal fills the room is mesmerising. The spices and herbs used in the preparation of the meals give them an irresistible taste and impeccable aroma. Indian dishes hit all the human senses thus making them more and more desirable.

6. Variety: The Indian cuisine has 31 traditional dishes that define it. Based on the variations of these 31 dishes, hundreds of kinds of meals can be prepared. This provides people with a huge range of options to choose from.

Indian dishes can be consumed at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner. The versatility of this cuisine has made it popular all over the world.

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