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Refreshing and Delicious Indian Beverages You Shouldn't Miss!

Indian food has now spread to households all around the globe. People of various ethnicities have now tried and fallen in love with this cuisine. Some of the most easy to make and popular Indian dishes include south Indian dosa, paneer gravy dish, Indian breads like roti and naan as well as Indian chai. All these dishes are now a days available throughout the world at local restaurants, restaurants of big chains of hotels, street food vendors and many more. One can get some of the best Indian food in Berlin at Dosa and More restaurant. Dosa and More also provides home delivery of the best Indian dishes for the residents of Berlin.

Indian food is very energising as it is made using some of the best, most nutritious and healthy ingredients. Indian meals are extremely filling and make every bite a wholesome, flavourful experience. People abroad are not very big fans of the heavily spiced and oily Indian dishes but Indian cuisine is much more than just that. Restaurants like Dosa and More in Berlin, Germany are the perfect places to enjoy a healthy Indian meal. Meals at Dosa and More range from subtle flavoured dishes like Idli and Vada to spicy tangy delicacies like Chole Bhature and Indian chaats. These restaurants have helped people all around the globe get over the myths related to Indian cuisine and the meals in India.

Indian food is much more than just spices and oil. The best part about a full fledged Indian meal is the balance of nutrition along with the cooking methods. The rice and chapatis give you carbohydrates, the vegetables are generally very rich in antioxidants, proteins and fibre, the curd gives you calcium, salad is soluble fibre and the spices used in the process are all individually loaded with health benefits and nutrition. Overall a good Indian meal made using premium quality ingredients will only benefit your body, fill your stomach and make you feel more energised and alive. Both North Indian and South Indian meals are healthy but South Indian dishes, again because of the ingredients used in the making of them, are considered to be healthier and more nutritious. Apart from all the dishes the most delicious and refreshing part of any Indian meal are the beverages.

Dosa and More is one of the best Indian restaurants in Berlin providing people there with a wholesome Indian meal experience. Dosa and More does not only serve a huge variety and unique flavours of South Indian delicacies like Dosa, Idli, Uttapam and vada, but is also famous for its North Indian street food dishes such as Indian chaats, pav bhaji, chole bhature and much more. Another reason to visit Dosa and More or place an order for home delivery are the Indian beverages served there. From the kadak Masala Chai loved by Indians throughout the world to creamy and delicious mango lassi, Dosa and More is the best place to enjoy a traditional Indian beverage.

Indian beverages are usually either super light like chaas or can also be a little heavy on the stomach like lassis. One of the most heavily consumed Indian beverages has to be chai. India is the largest consumer of tea in the world and is also amongst the top producers of tea in the world. Indians consume a beverage with almost all their meals including the snack time in between. This snack time in India is called tea time. The main idea of this tiny meal is to have tea and not the snacks originally. Every meal in India is served with a beverage on the side. For tea lover, chai with breakfast or lassi or chaas, namkeen lassi or chaas for lunch, chai, some fruit lassi, soda, jaljeera, or nimbu pani for the evening snack time and again chaas or lassi with the dinner.

Dosa and More, the top Indian restaurant in Berlin serves some of the most delicious, traditional Indian beverages one should not miss. These beverages are made using true to taste and authentic ingredients by following a traditional recipe. The delicious beverages served at Dosa and More are:

1. Masala Chai:

Masala Chai is a combination of delicious and refreshing Indian spices, milk, sugar, water and herbs like ginger, cardamom etc. It is undoubtedly the best Indian beverage for regular consumption. Like coffee, once you like the taste of Indian tea, there is no going back. For most Indians, there is no morning without a cup of tea first.

2. Mango Lassi:

Dosa and More’s mango lassi is a thick, creamy and sweet beverage made from the finest, juiciest and most delicious Indian mangoes. Lassi is a thick and heavy on the stomach kind of beverage. Mango lassi is a seasonal drink and is super refreshing on a warm summer day.

Salted Lassi:

Another classic Indian beverage is salted lassi. It is a combination of beaten curd mixed with mouth watering Indian spices and herbs. A salted lassi drink is not only refreshing but also super energising.


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