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The Beloved Indian Rice Meals Served at Dosa and More

Rice is a staple grain in India, consumed in each and every Indian household from North to South. Any Indian platter or meal is incomplete without a rice dish be it as simple as steamed rice or as complicated as Biryani. Rice dishes are extremely delicious, unique and add a distinctive taste to the entire meal. Most rice dishes in India are consumed with a gravy. Heavy rice dishes like Biryani have salan served alongside and lighter rice dishes like plain steamed rice and jeera rice are usually served with vegetable gravies like paneer gravy, etc. One can have most of these delicious dishes at Berlin’s best Indian restaurant, Dosa and More.

Dosa and More is an authentic Indian cuisine based restaurant in Berlin, Germany serving some of the best Indian meals at pocket friendly, and reasonable prices. Made with quality ingredients, by following the age-old recipes, Dosa and More’s traditional dishes are a must have for all Indian food lovers and foodies in general who like to explore new cuisines and dishes. Indian meals are also extremely filling and healthy. Dishes at Dosa and More are safe to be consumed by people of all age groups. As one of the best places serving authentic Indian food in Berlin, Dosa and More has to take care of various things. Apart from the flavours of the meals and services, the restaurant also caters to various other needs and demands of the customers. Dosa and More takes care of the hygiene of the ingredients, the employees, the kitchen and the food.

Out of all the rice dishes consumed in India, two have won hearts all around the globe. These two dishes are chicken biryani and vegetable pulao, a vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish. Both these dishes take up time and effort to make and are extremely delicious. The spices, and ingredients used along with the cooking method followed to make both Biryani and vegetable pulao are very important. Places like Dosa and More in Berlin are perfect to try these flavourful, filling and yummy Indian rice dishes for yourself. Generally basmati rice is used in the making of both these meals as it has non-sticky, delicious and long grains. Both pulao and Biryani are famous not only in India but also in various other parts of the world.

When in Berlin and looking for mouth watering meals look for Indian food near me and get directions to Dosa and More restaurant. The best part about having a meal at Dosa and More is that all the dishes there hold the true taste, flavours and essence of the traditional Indian cuisine. In this article we will discuss in detail about the two most famous Indian rice meals, vegetable pulao and biryani. There are various differences between the two biggest one being that one is a non-vegetarian dish while the other is a vegetarian option. The common factors amongst the two include their main ingredients which is rice and the sides served with them which are mostly curd or raita and a masala gravy called salan.

Vegetable Pulao:

Vegetable pulao has for years been known as the vegetarian biryani. The making of pulao takes similar efforts, time and spices as that of a biryani but is made entirely using rice and veggies of your choice. It is consumed mostly for lunch or dinner and is a perfectly balanced healthy meal for all to try and have. Vegetable tawa pulao at Dosa and More is made using long grained fresh rice, the best Indian herbs and spices and some of the most nutritious Indian vegetables. This dish will not only please your tongue and stomach but is great for your health and diet as well. Vegetable pulao is loaded with nutrition and is rich in fibres. It helps you control your appetite by keeping you fuller for a longer time. Vegetable pulao aids digestion and promotes a healthier and happier gut.


Biryani is not a dish, it is an emotion for all non-vegetarians of the world. It is a must have dish for all meat lovers. Paired with raita and salan, Biryani of any meat is a complete package of health, nutrition and flavours. Indian biryani is leaded with herbs and spices and is consumed very frequently in various parts of India. Chicken and mutton biryani are the most commonly consumed rice dishes amongst non-vegetarians in India. This dish is paired with gravy and raita like cucumber and mixed raita to balance out the spiciness of the condiments. Biryani again is a great dish for digestion and gut health. It also helps build your immunity and acts as an anti-ageing agent.

Try the delicious delicacies of India served to you on a platter in Berlin at one of the best restaurants in Germany, Dosa and More.

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