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The Evolution of Indian Street Food

On a journey to India, it is hard to miss the numerous food stalls by the streets especially in states like Delhi that are famous for their food history. They serve samosas, chaats, pani puri, chole bhature, kebabs, pav bhaji, pulao, lassi and more. Today the popularity of Indian street food has soared to delicious heights and the love for this cuisine has met global audiences. Some of the best Indian restaurants in Berlin also have Indian street food on their menu.

Street food means ready items solid or drink, served by the vendors on the roadside stalls. But, the most striking feature about street food is that it reflects the culture and heritage of that region in its absolute raw and authentic form. It is not about putting up a show. Rather the art of delivering heart and history on a plate!

Indian Food is known for its Spices and so is the Street Food

An Incredible variety of dishes packed with flavour are available on the streets of India. Top cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Ahmedabad are filled with vendors selling pani puri, samosa, bhajias/fritters, aloo tikki, chaats, bhel, pav bhaji and more. The food can seem oily and high on spice if one is not used to it. But it is definitely worth a try since some dishes age centuries back. Vendors who served kebabs to the Mughals, have passed on their recipes to their families who still serve the same.

Indian street food is not ‘fast food’. The spices are balanced, the ingredients stimulate digestion and you will find freshly squeezed juice also.

People from all Walks of Life come Together.

India’s love for street food is enormous. The rich, the poor, the hungry and the craving are all in the same boat here. The sight is a delight to the eyes when you can munch on the food and watch all kinds of people walking by. It brings people together. Over the past decade, many stalls have risen to shops and restaurants, giving a more premium experience to the common man’s food.

Indian Street Food goes Global.

With the expansion of the Indian community overseas in USA, Canada, Europe and South East Asia, Indian food travelled too. Today many restaurants in countries across the world serve authentic or a fusion of Indian cuisine that suits the spice tolerance of majority in that country.

Food chains have come up in cities like London, San Francisco and New York that are famous for their Indian street food preparations. Germany isn’t shy of such global cuisines either. There are many Indian restaurants in Berlin such as Dosa & more, that serve great Indian food. The menu is wide ranging to suit a variety of palates with the perfect blend of sweet, savoury, sour and spicy flavours.

The Sophistication of Street Food.

The ingenuity of the restaurant owners is marvelous. The humble pani puri that is served in the hand as a crispy puffed puri filled with spiced water and potato on the roadside has undergone a revolution with some fine dine restaurants serving it as shot glasses filled with the spiced water topped with the puris and potato. It is good news for the health conscious that restaurants these days take absolute care of the water and ingredients used to make the chaats and other items, giving you a chance to eat worry free.

The restaurants in Berlin offer you a chance to enjoy this street food as lunch or dinner, sitting with your friends or family and sharing a meal together on a table. You can have a delicious street food feast without standing on the roadside. So, grab the opportunity to explore the unique culture and heritage of Indian street food near you. Dine like a king!


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