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Tips and Tricks used by South Indian restaurants to cook healthy and delicious dishes

The Indian cuisine has been blessed with hundreds of food combinations, from sweet to savoury, from salty to spicy. This variety of dishes make it one of the most adored and famous cuisines in the world. The specialties of the Indian dishes are that they carry multiple flavours, are well known for having a distinctive and strong aroma, and are cooked to perfection. One can try authentic Indian food in Berlin at Dosa and More. Indian food is known worldwide for its nutritional value, beautiful flavour, and mesmerising aroma.

Cooking is an art and only an artist understands the importance of creating a balance. While cooking a meal everything needs to be in proportion. From adding the correct amount of spices to cooking the vegetables for the right amount of time every tiny detail is of utmost importance. The art of cooking requires precession, patience, and accuracy. Nobody appreciates an undercooked steak or an overcooked chapati.

In the Indian cuisine, the South Indian dishes are palate cleansers. Most South Indian dishes carry a subtle flavour and most importantly are made using pure Indian grains like rice flavour, semolina, etc. Try delicious and authentic Indian dishes at a pure vegetarian Indian restaurant in Berlin, called Dosa and More. The use of lesser spices and more healthy grains make the South Indian cuisine dishes one of the healthiest meals in the world.

South Indian dishes are full of flavours and aroma, are healthy, and lighten the mood after a hectic day at the office. The plus point about South Indian dishes is that they are delicious and healthy and are now available for people residing in Germany at Dosa and More a pure vegetarian, South Indian restaurant in Berlin.

As the world is gaining knowledge about the importance and significance of healthy organic meals and products there has been a rise in the import of Indian herbs, spices, and other ingredients including oils, grains, flour, etc. This has resulted in people opting to eat at restaurants that carry authentic taste and use pure and healthy ingredients.

This awareness about the use of organic ingredients makes it easier for people to choose dishes they wish to consume as well as the places they want to eat at. While places that sell traditional dishes of the country are visited very often by residents, trying new cuisines and healthier dishes of other countries or cuisines is also important and can be a lot of fun too.

Here are a few tips that are used while cooking South Indian dishes that makes them healthy and safe for regular consumption:

1. Roast your Rava: Rava or semolina is a very highly consumed grain in South Indian cuisine. The key to creating better South Indian dishes is to always roast the Rava before using it in the making of idlis or dosa.

2. Softer Idlis: Idlis are a light, melt-in-mouth savoury dish in the South Indian cuisine, it is best served with Sambar and coconut chutney on the side. The goal of every cook creating Idli Sambar is to make soft idlis. To achieve that one can add a little sago, sabudana, or cooked rice while preparing the idli batter.

3. Coconut: Coconut is one of the main ingredients in the preparation of a perfectly balanced and complete South Indian meal. Since it is majorly grown in South India, coconut is used in various dishes as well as consumed majorly as a thick paste of shredded coconut blended with water and other spices.

4. The Spices: While cooking an Indian cuisine the spices play a major role. They act as the deciding factor in what the flavours of your dish will be. The use of spices while cooking South Indian dishes is very important. Since most South Indian dishes like dosa, upma, idli, etc do not carry any spices and are rather bland, it is the side dish’s responsibility is to add the flavours and spices to the whole meal. South Indian dishes are also known for not being too spicy or tough on the platelet thus a balance needs to be created perfectly. Dosa and More is one of the best Indian restaurants in Berlin that serves authentic and pure vegetarian South Indian dishes.

5. Oil: Use oil in limited quantities and only of premium quality. The best South Indian dishes are cooked in coconut oil that enhances the flavour and aroma. Using the correct oil and amount of oil is crucial in the making of South Indian dishes thus one should trust only the restaurants that follow the traditional recipe and which use the finest quality of ingredients like Dosa and More in Berlin.

Blend flour: South Indian dishes are made using the flour of rice and pulses. To ensure a smooth textured dish, blend your grains properly and mix two different flours to get fluffier and softer idlis.

Including a South Indian meal in your regular diet will not only help enhance the flavours of your palette but also expose you to the various health benefits of having an organic, low fat, and filling meal.

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