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When in Berlin, Don’t Miss this Indian Food Extravaganza!

There is food that is tasty, food that satisfies your cravings and then there is food that touches your soul! Authentic Indian food is the latter. It might get overwhelming, browsing through a large lip-smacking menu but many cheat sheets are available for ordering through an Indian restaurant menu in Berlin. And in case you’re visiting ‘Dosa and More’, a restaurant serving Indian food in Berlin, you are in for a treat! You might as well prepare for a visual and sensory delight as this place offers some of the hot favourites of Indian cuisine.

Here’s taking you through some popular items from their speisekarte.

1. Dosas

Referring to themselves as passionate dosa makers, this restaurant serves an extensive variety of dosas. Each is adorned with a side of coconut chutney and unlimited sambhar (spiced vegetable and lentil curry).

Dosas essentially are crispy crepes made from rice and lentil, but ‘Dosa and More’ takes it a step further with menu inclusions of not just the traditional recipes but also fusion ones like Paneer Butter Dosa (paneer is cottage cheese) and Pav Bhaji Dosa (has a filling of mashed and spiced vegetables).

If trying something new can be this heavenly, we would all just live to eat!

2. Kathi Rolls

Someone says quick to-go meals and kathi rolls or wraps come to mind. Available in the likes of both paneer (vegetarian) and chicken, these kathi rolls are sassy in flavour and impeccably juicy.

3. Vada Pav

Versatility has always been biased to potatoes. Vada pav comes as fabulously spiced potato fritter fried to perfection and served in soft bread. Don’t be afraid to order two. It is that interesting!

A personal recommendation would be to have it with a hot cup of masala chai.

4. Chaat

The familiar potato samosa crushed and accessorized with all the chutneys, onions and yoghurt makes the Samosa Chaat an evergreen delight. Sweetness, spice, tartness and savoury flavours play a symphony in your mouth.

You can even try the Aloo tikki Chaat or Sev Puri for adding more oomph to your meal.

5. Chhole Bhatura

This is a mildly spiced dark coloured chickpea curry served with 2 wonderful, airy and round bhatura breads. Some pickle on the side adds the extra zing to the dish. There is a calming comfort in this North Indian recipe.

A personal recommendation would be to order some lassi as an accompaniment. The yoghurt drink makes any meal easier to digest and cools you to the core.

Punjabis enjoy Chhole Bhature as breakfast. But feel free to order it at any time of the day. It tastes equally flavoursome.

6. Chicken Biryani

This food of the royals needs no introduction. It is another feather in the cap for ‘Dosa and More’. The restaurant brings a wholesome dining experience for Indian food lovers in Berlin.

There is something for every palate and preference. The diverse menu has great options for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

So, if you are looking for an Indian restaurant in Berlin that will brighten your day and give you a no fuss yet memorable dining experience – then ‘Dosa and More’ is the place to be. Along with perfect meals for lunch and dinner, there is a whole lot of food, flavour and tradition on the plate. Guten Appetit!


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