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Why Are Idli and Dosa the Perfect Healthy Breakfast Dishes?

The growth of the internet has led to people exchanging knowledge from all around the globe. People connect with each other and share their thoughts and experiences over various platforms. One thing which has greatly changed with the era of the world wide web is food preferences. People from Africa share their best recipes, dishes, ingredients, flavours and nutritional values with those living in Australia while Indians share their healthy and delicious delicacies with people everywhere. Residents of various countries now know which dish is healthier and made using what ingredients. These ingredients are also now incorporated in various cuisines to make new dishes.

One of the best and the greatest gifts the food industry abroad has received, thanks to the internet, is Indian breakfast dishes. Indian food can be consumed at any time of the day. It is light, delicious, full of flavours, filling and very healthy and nutritious to have regularly. Various Indian restaurants around the globe have now brought Indian food to their countries and cities. One such Indian restaurant in Berlin, serving the best and authentic Indian cuisine dishes is Dosa and More. People everywhere are now consuming Indian meals very frequently and have added them to their regular diets as well. The health benefits of Indian ingredients, the exquisite and rich flavours of dishes, the mesmerising aroma and especially the cooking methods have all together attracted people towards the Indian cuisine and Indian food.

Worldwide one of the most famous Indian meals are South Indian dishes. South Indian dishes are specifically very healthy to have because of the ingredients used, they are comparatively mild flavoured than North Indian food and are filling yet very light. South Indian food is now being served in various international and local restaurants all over the world. The fondness of South Indian food has increased manifold after the opening of these local restaurants. Dosa and More is a restaurant that has helped bridge a major gap between South Indian delicacies and the people living in Germany. Restaurants like Dosa and More are also a great place for Indians residing abroad. People who have left behind their homeland, India and have shifted or moved to Berlin can relive their days in the country by having authentic and traditional flavours of the Indian cuisine at Dosa and More.

Dosa and More serves some of the best Indian food in Berlin which is why it has managed to become one of the best Indian restaurants there. Dosa and More serves the best and most healthy Indian breakfast dishes that are truly a must have. Let us know why these South Indian dishes are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner and are especially great to have as the first meal of the day. South Indian dishes have made their way into the most loved international food list by being flavourful yet mild, delicious and super healthy. One of the most widely consumed Indian foods abroad is South Indian and it is one such Indian cuisine that is loved by all across the globe. Indians have always now settled in various countries and restaurants like Dosa and More help them stay connected and feel closer to their country, their home, their culture and their flavours.

Given below are a few reasons why Idli one of the healthiest breakfast options:

1. It is light yet very filling

2. Idli is made using steaming method thus fatty oils are used

3. The batter of idli consists of a mixture of rice flour and lentils flour

4. Idli is good for gut health and very easily digested

5. It is rich in protein, and fibre

6. Lowers risks of developing cardiovascular diseases

7. It is low in calories

8. Helps in weight loss

9. Idli also contains various other important nutrients like iron

One of the most famous South Indian dishes which one can get when in Berlin by simply searching for Indian food near me is Dosa from Dosa and More restaurant. Dosa is a crispy crepe like dish, filled with various different fillings which can be enjoyed at any time of the day with a bowl of warm sambar and coconut chutney. There are various health benefits of having Dosa for breakfast, some of which are:

1. It has a splendid taste and is very light

2. Promotes gut health and improves digestion

3. It is a good source of carbohydrates

4. Helps weight loss as it is low in calories

5. Very easy and convenient to digest

6. Rich in protein and can be made healthier by using healthier flour like ragi

7. Very minimum to no use of oil is done while making Dosa thus it is low in fat

8. Rich source of good minerals

9. Highly rich in vitamins

To have some of the best and most delicious, freshly served South Indian meals in Berlin, visit Dosa and More.


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