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Why Is South Indian Cuisine So Famous Abroad?

When it comes to Indian food, the biggest concern of most non-Indians is the spiciness. Since people in the western countries are not used to having very spicy or masaledar dishes, the Indian flavours become heavy on their stomach and cause digestive problems. Although with time people all around the globe have started making Indian dishes at their home with a slight adjustment in the spices and specially the chilli.

Dosa and More, one of the best Indian restaurants in Berlin, Germany serves authentic and true to taste South Indian meals which have balanced spices according to the taste buds of the locals of Germany. Similarly a lot of restaurants and hotels adjust the spices in their dishes to ensure that the taste somewhat remains constant with lesser chilli in it.

A very few people know this but most Indian spices are very good for gut health and ensure a clean and properly working digestive track. The main ingredient used in the making of traditional South Indian Dosa is lentils. Lentils are super rich in plant based protein and they are in themselves very nutritious. Added with other healthy ingredients, South Indian dishes like Dosa make for the best and healthiest meals.

Through the wide spread of online communication and blogs, people all over the world now know how healthy Indian food is. The ingredients used and their health benefits along with the cooking method that instantly kills all harmful germs and bacterias. This has encouraged people to step out of their food comfort bubble and try Indian dishes.

Multinational stores all over the world sell premium quality Indian ingredients in countries abroad so that people there can also cook Indian dishes at their home keeping in check the spiciness and tanginess of the food. The increased knowledge of spices has influenced a lot of people to use the traditional Indian spices in their everyday dishes as well which leads to an increase in the nutritional value of their meal.

There are few specific reasons why amongst all the Indian cuisine dishes, South Indian dishes are the most in demand. People both make and go out in search of traditional South Indian dishes. For those in Berlin, Germany Dosa and More is the place if you wish to have a perfect traditional Indian breakfast. Dosa and More is one of the best Indian hotels in Berlin, with meals served with authenticity and love at pocket friendly prices. Made using premium quality ingredients and by experts who know Indian meals and spices inside out, Dosa and More is a must visit for all.

Here are some reasons why South Indian food is so famous abroad:

1. Subtle flavours: While India is known for its spicy, mouth watering and tangy dishes, South Indian meals ensure that there is a balance. Most South Indian dishes like dosa, idli, vada, uttapam, etc are all very subtle flavoured. They are neither hot on the stomach nor do they carry a very strong flavour.

2. Health benefits: South Indian food is filled with nutrition. The basic ingredients used in the making of these dishes include rice flour, lentil flour, and semolina which are healthier than most other Indian flours. South Indian dishes have spices in them without either of them overpowering the others thus you get a balanced flavour with balanced nutrition.

3. Variety: There are a number of delicious dishes in the South Indian cuisine. From crispy to soft, from fried to steamed, rice dishes, dishes made from lentil flour and from rice flour. There are many options for one to choose from when it comes to having a South Indian meal. The variety allows people to develop their taste buds according to themselves and enjoy more diverse flavours.

4. Coconut Chutney: Coconut is a staple fruit in the Southern part of India. The most commonly consumed chutney all across India is coconut chutney. The texture, the flavour, the smoothness and the deliciousness of the coconut chutney makes it also the most famous one all across India. Coconut chutney has a coarse texture and distinctive taste that makes it a must have with South Indian meals. Some people like South Indian dishes only because of the Sambar and the coconut chutney served alongside.

5. Sambar and Rasam: Sambar and rasam are both very liquidy, water-like curries which are served with almost all South Indian dishes. They are responsible for the addition of spiciness and tanginess to the meals. Sambar is loaded with boiled vegetables and a carefully curated blend of Indian spices which makes it a must try for all. Enjoy authentic and traditional South Indian Sambar and other meals at top Indian restaurants in Berlin, Dosa and More.

6. Ingredients used: The ingredients used in the making of South Indian dishes are lentils, semolina, rice flour, etc which are one of the healthiest flours in the Indian cuisine. The use of healthy and fat free ingredients make South Indian dishes healthy, diet friendly and super delicious.

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Sri Mayyia’s Catering Legacy
Jan 20, 2023

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