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Why Should One Have Indian Food Abroad?

People who visit countries abroad, study there or permanently move to new places, look for new activities to do all the time. It is a task to find meals that match your palette. There are various reasons as to why Indian food is consumed heavily in various countries. One of the biggest reasons is the variety of dishes served at Indian restaurants. But when in a new place why should one have Indian food abroad instead of the local meals? Here are a list of reasons why even when you are abroad you should try Indian food at places like Dosa and More:

Choice of ingredients

As much as we love food, we love eating food that tastes good and is according to our food preferences. Not all of us like eating food with sauces, or baked food. Indians particularly love eating food with a lot of spices and herbs, and baked bread with cheese sometimes does not do it. And simple things like onion and garlic can be an issue for some Indians, so we always think twice about the ingredients for the dish.

Vegetarian food options India is a diverse country with people with a lot of food preferences. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan. While Non- vegetarian people will not have as many difficulties finding just the right dishes, Vegetarian options are far fewer. And even if you have vegetarian options, the bland food is just not what you can eat for a whole week. Places like Dosa and More provide quality vegetarian food which isn’t just leaves. From delicious South Indian dosa to a lot more mouth watering and flavourful Indian meals, Dosa and More fills taste and aroma in veganism and vegetarianism.


The huge diversity in India is a big reason for the variety of food that Indian cuisine offers. Punjabi, Rajasthani, Haryanvi, Assamese, Maharashtrian, and so many different diverse cultures make tasty and amazing foods. This makes a visit to Dosa and More restaurant a lot more fun and an overall new experience every time.


Making a living abroad or just simply traveling there can be a tough and costly affair. Food is one thing you have to have every day and you cannot compromise on it. Purchasing some unknown dish in a restaurant that you don’t like is a potential risk that families on a tight budget should not take. After wasting money on a new dish, and then finding places like Dosa and More, an Indian hotel in Berlin and ordering Butter paneer masala with naan is not what you want to do.

Healthier option

Over the years most travellers have observed the health benefits of having an Indian meal rather than say a burger or pizza. Indian meals are loaded with healthy herbs and spices which not only provide excellent flavour to the dish but also makes it a lot more healthier, nutritious and filled with vitamins and minerals.


If your food tastes sweet and savory, you have to look for the nearest Indian restaurant. The food in different countries is a product of their own tastes, availability of ingredients, and culture. Most of the food that you will find will be local food. Yes, their foods can also be tasty and fulfilling, but a familiar taste is just so much better for a perfect evening.


Imagine you are abroad, you had a perfect day, you enjoyed your travel and had fun. Now to close the day with a perfect dinner, you went to a restaurant and ordered food that was unknown to you. And the food is just not for you. The perfect day is now ruined. Well, we suggest you save the exploration of culture for lunch, as in dinner you will never regret your favorite Indian dish.


Indian dishes are complex and usually have a main dish with a necessary side dish. The need for roti with any main dish can never be suppressed in Indians. Even making a perfectly round roti is very difficult and needs experience. Indian dishes use a lot of spices, and a single dish can have multiple different variations with style of cooking.

Tradition and spices

Any Indian cook knows about spices. Different cooking techniques and spices used make a dish taste completely different. The Improvised dishes which are handed from generation to generation are adapted and sometimes made better. All the dishes are unique and loved. We Indians loved different cuisines, especially Chinese and Thai, but you just beat the taste of a perfectly rich cooked Indian food made with love and a lot of tasty spices.

Next time you decide to dine out or are in Berlin, try your favourite Indian meal at the best Indian restaurant in town, Dosa and More. With a variety of dishes and side dishes available, all at pocket friendly prices Dosa and More has won hearts all over.

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