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A Restaurant Which Fills Gaps Between South Indian Food and People in Germany

People are very frequently seen worrying about having Indian food in the western countries, especially South Indian food. The main reason why South Indian dishes are so widely appreciated and loved is because of their mild flavours and health benefits. Since most South Indian dishes are made using lentils flour which is highly rich in protein and rava or sooji which is also super healthy, these dishes themselves become very nutritious. Indians visiting or living in foreign countries greatly miss the spices and food of India, which is why there has been an increase in Indian orientated restaurants all around the globe. Also more and more people abroad are now aware of the health benefits of having cooked dishes from the Indian cuisine.

South Indian Dosa is one of the healthiest and tastiest dishes to have at any time of the day. The simple flavoured and crispy dosa served with a warm bowl of sambar and coconut chutney is an instant refresher and energy booster. South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli, uttapam, vada etc are extremely light yet very filling and lip smackingly delicious. The sambar adds extra charm and flavours to all these mild dishes and makes the entire meal a roller coaster ride for the taste buds. Since very minimum spices are added to the dishes and most are added to the sambar only it entirely depends on the person having that meal, to use as much sambar as they need.

A lot of people wonder what is so great about South Indian dishes and once they read about them and their health benefits they get an urge to try these dishes for themselves. For the people living in Germany, Dosa and More has become a bridge to fill the gap between them and authentic South Indian meals, North Indian chaats and street food delicacies. Dosa and More is a traditional Indian restaurant and has managed to become one of the top Indian restaurants in Berlin. Dosa and More has helped more and more people fall in love with the exquisite rich and delicious flavours of Indian cuisine. Bringing India to Germany and Indian food to everyone, Dosa and More has made its way to the hearts and stomachs of many.

Dosa and More is an Indian restaurant based in Berlin. Serving the best, most delicious Indian food, with authentic Indian flavours and mesmerising aroma. Dosa and More has a variety of dishes for the customers to choose from all made from premium quality and traditional Indian ingredients. Here are a few reasons why everybody in Berlin should visit Dosa and More:

1. The food at Dosa and More is made using authentic and clean ingredients only

2. The chefs at Dosa and More are Indian cooking experts who pore their love in making the dishes

3. There is a wide range of dishes for one to choose from

4. Dosa and More has dishes of all kinds from savoury to sweet to tangy to mild flavoured

5. Dosa and More is one of very few Indian restaurants in Germany serving authentic tasting food

6. It is a perfect spot for both light meals as well as heavy dinner outings

7. People in Berlin can try authentic Indian chaats and tangy street food dishes at Dosa and More

8. Dosa and More serves authentic Indian food with traditional flavours

Apart from these there are a variety of reasons why Dosa and More has become one of the top Indian hotels in Berlin. Serving premium quality South Indian meals, some of the most famous Indian street food dishes and Indian chaats that are truly irresistible, Dosa and More makes every visit worth it. Another great thing about having a meal from Dosa and More is that once you have it you crave more of it. Indian food is irresistible and delicious. To bridge the gap more, Dosa and More also has home delivery services. For days when you don’t want to dress up or go out at all, you can order a delicious, authentic Indian meal which has flavours that linger from your favourite Indian restaurant in Berlin which is Dosa and More. Any person who tries food from Dosa and More definitely comes back for more.

So bridging the gap between people living or visiting Berlin and delicious, authentic and mouth watering traditional Indian food, Dosa and More has gained popularity. Dosa and More has brought people closer to South Indian food, Indian chaats and street food dishes. With a huge variety of dishes available for the person to choose from, Dosa and More is the perfect place to bring someone on a unique date, or for family gatherings and outings or even a date with yourself. The food at Dosa and More and the variety available speaks for itself and leaves a strong imprint on the people which stays on for a longer time.


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