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Amazing Facts about South Indian Food & Where to Try it in Berlin

South Indian Food In Berlin

South Indian cuisine is famous across the globe with eateries, cafés and restaurants serving this scrumptious food in all major countries. Originally belonging to the 5 states of India – Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, this cuisine boasts of a wide variety of delightful recipes. So, lets delve into some interesting facts about South Indian food and my go to restaurant in Berlin where I relish it.

1. There’s a lot of Coconut but it’s different from Thai Cuisine.

South Indian food like dosas, medu vada, idli, uttapam etc are all served with savoury lentil curry known as sambhar and coconut chutneys. The food is generally cooked in coconut oil. Some curries except sambhar contain coconut milk but the spice compositions make it taste distinct and different from Thai food. The versatile use of coconut is awe inspiring.

2. The Base is Rice.

Almost all dishes in a South Indian menu are made with rice. The batter for dosa, idli, uttapam and more consist mainly rice, lentils, fenugreek etc. The dosas are like crispy crepes and the uttapams are like pancakes. Both being savoury, are ideal for any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner. They come in options of being stuffed with potato masala or onion tomato filling; some even offer cheesy stuffing!

3. Tasty & Healthy too.

Besides being kissed with flavourful spices and great taste, South Indian food is quite healthy too. It is wholesome, light on stomach and perfect to kick start your day with. The piping hot bowl of sambhar and the coconut chutney are full of nutrition like proteins and vitamins, are vegetarian and rich in fiber.

Options like the idli are a great source of carbohydrates, low in fat and easy to digest. It is cooked with steaming method. Rice and dal in South Indian food offer a healthy combination of amino acids that complement each other.

4. So much more than Dosas and Idlis.

It is a myth that South Indian food is a just about dosa, idli and sambhar, or that everything is made the same way. Ofcourse they are the more popular ones, but dishes such as Biryani (both veg. and non.veg), upma, pulihara, appam and more are equally tasteful and nutritious.

Where to find South Indian food in Berlin, Germany?

Being based anywhere outside India, despite the many options, it is certainly challenging to find authentic and real taste of home. One such restaurant in Berlin that serves South Indian cuisine is ‘Dosa and more’. With a large menu and affordable prices, it has become my go to place for comfort food.

To top it all, this restaurant also serves popular Indian street food in Berlin. The pani puri and chaats are a must try. It is refreshing to eat food that tantalizes your taste buds with the perfect blend of spices. Beverages like masala chai and mango lassi pair well with the meals, adding another layer of deliciousness to your lunch/dinner.


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