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Best Indian Dishes for Health Conscious Adults Around the Globe

It wasn't very long ago when Indian food was considered to be unhealthy, fatty and unhygienic. People avoided having Indian food even when they were in India as it would also upset their stomach. For various years Indian meals were looked down upon for the indigestion and stomach problems it caused people. With the advancement of technology, people all around the world were exposed to the benefits of having Indian meals and the health benefits of the cooking technique used by Indians. Indian restaurants all over the world gained recognition and were applauded for the incredibly tasty and healthy food they served. Indians immigrating to various countries abroad also helped boost the exposure of people abroad. From casually including Indian ingredients in their meals, foreigners now include Indian dishes in their diet plans and have meals at Indian restaurants regularly.

Now Indian food is not only consumed on a cheat day but is included in various diet plans for the health conscious adults. People feed their children Indian food from a very young age to help them develop their taste buds and experience food to the fullest. Indian food has now become the themes at dinner parties, family meal options and much more. One of the best Indian sub-cuisine for the health fanatics is South Indian. The use of lentin, lentil flour, rice flour, rava and coconut make this cuisine extremely attractive for the adults leading a life of health and fitness. But they are not limited to just these sub-cuisine dishes. The nutritious value of various Indian ingredients make Indian dishes perfect for maintaining a healthy and lively body. In this article we will discuss some of the healthiest meal options from the Indian cuisine for fitness freaks and health conscious people.

Dosa and More, one of the best restaurants serving authentic Indian food in Berlin, has managed to serve tons of people delicious and healthy Indian meals. There are a variety of dishes served at Dosa and More for people with different taste buds and preferences. From subtle flavoured South Indian meals to tangy North Indian chaats, Dosa and More has it all. Following traditional techniques and methods, using only the best Indian ingredients chef’s at Dosa and More make mouth watering Indian food everyday. These meals are not only delicious but also very healthy and full of nutrition. One can have light yet filling South Indian meals or heavy yet nutritious North Indian dishes at Dosa and More any time. From cheat meals to healthy meals, the variety of dishes at Dosa and More covers it all.

One can look for delicious, healthy and traditional Indian meals in Germany from Dosa and More by searching for Indian food near me when in Berlin. Order these delicious dishes from restaurants like Dosa and More, or make them at home using premium ingredients from online grocery stores. Here are a few Indian dishes or meals which are super healthy and nutritious and you can munch on them guilt free:

1. Dhokla:

A light fluffy and super delicious Gujarati snackable. Dhokla is a fluffy, textured sweet and salty cake made using besan or gram flour as the main ingredient. This steamed, light weight yet filling snack has around 70-75 calories only.

2. Uttapam:

Delicious crispy, Indian pancake Uttapam is a south Indian dish consumed widely all around the globe. Uttapam is made using lentil flour or rawa and is usually loaded with vegetables which makes it a perfect healthy breakfast treat. It has nearly 92 calories and is a heavier meal option.

3. Bhel chaat:

Made using puffed rice or murmure and loaded with chopped veggies, and the best of Indian spices, this tangy little Indian street food snack is a delicious healthy dish. Bhel chaat is the perfect healthy snackable one can consume regularly. It can also be customised according to taste and flavour. It contains nearly 150 calories depending on the ingredients used.

4. Dosa:

The thin, crispy and delicious South Indian meal. Rawa and ragi dosa are considered to be the healthiest of them all. Since dosa is made using lentil and rice flour it is extremely nutritious. Each serving of plain dosa contains 160 calories.

5. Idli:

Served with the delicious, nutritious and extremely healthy vegetable, lentil soup , sambar Indian idlis are super yummy and make healthy eating, fun eating. Steamed idlis are made in a special utensil, and carry just 39 calories.

6. Vada:

This considerably heavy and delicious Indian doughnut is made using lentil flour and is very healthy. Vada is also served with a side of coconut chutney and sambar. One vada approximately contains 73 calories.

Eat healthy and consciously with some of the best and most popular Indian dishes, made hygienically using premium quality ingredients at Dosa and More restaurant in Berlin, Germany. Choose from a variety of delightful dishes at the best price available.

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