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Craving Indian food in Berlin? An authentic Indian restaurant is here for you!

When one moves away from their homeland, all they want to do is blend in their new lifestyle. Initially, the food, the people, the culture, the places seem all very fascinating. But eventually, that tiny, little Indian stomach craves some crunchy dosa or spicy chole.

The blend of spices and veggies that will fill your stomach and satisfy your taste buds is the speciality of Indian food.

Single Masala dosa with mouth-watering sambhar and coconut chutney, is cheap, filling, and a very delicious meal in itself. Dosa is the perfect addition to a healthy diet, it has the right amount of carbohydrates and fat. The filing can be made using various vegetables according to dietary needs. Dosa is nutritious, filling, and a very delicious meal. To get the original taste of South India in an Indian restaurant in Germany visit, Dosa and more.

Dosa and more is a South Indian cuisine-based restaurant that offers Indian street food range as well, in Berlin. To get the taste of the best Indian dishes from Chole Bhature to Classic Masala Dosa, Dosa and more is the one-stop destination. While we specialize in South Indian dishes and offer a range of dosas, idlis, and chutneys, we also offer other Indian street food items like samosa, chaat, chole bhature, etc. All our dishes are made with Indian groceries keeping the authentic aroma and rich flavors of the dish.

When the stomach craves a specific kind of food, there is no satisfying it with any other. A satisfied stomach has proven to enhance physical health, give mental strength, and also helps the person focus more. Having a dosa for breakfast can give enough strength to stay active the entire day. So when you are in Berlin and are craving delicious Indian food, visit one of the best Indian restaurants in Germany, Dosa and More.

We at Dosa and more specialise in making our customers feel like they are in India, with our uniquely designed restaurant and menu. We offer not only authentic South Indian dishes but also desi street food items.

Indian street food has always made the mouths of people all around the globe water. The spiciness, the texture, the flavor, and the variety of dishes available, along with a taste that lingers. While randomly sitting at your home one day if you crave an Indian meal that is authentic, delicious, and made hygienically then you have to pay a visit to our Indian restaurant in Berlin, Germany. Anybody who tastes an Indian street food dish tends to want more and more, that's the specialty of Indian food.

Reasons why everyone should try Indian street food at least once:

  1. Full of flavors and spices

  2. Different from the usual meals available in Berlin

  3. Fill the stomach and satisfy the taste buds

  4. Each dish is unique in itself

  5. Long-lasting delicious flavors on the tongue

  6. Aromatic and flavourful

  7. Easily available on the streets

  8. Cheaper in price

  9. Can be made in a shorter period

  10. Street food is home-cooked, pure, and fresh

  11. Unique taste

Apart from these various reasons, another reason that drives people to purchase and eat yummy Indian street food is to help the poor vendors. When in India make sure you visit these poor men and women trying their best to earn a little for serving you home-cooked delicacies. To get a taste beforehand, visit our restaurant for the best Indian food in Germany.

When people visit Indian from different countries they try to taste all the different dishes together but it isn't that easy. Dosa and more, a South Indian restaurant in Berlin has a variety of Indian street food dishes, offers authentic meals with real Indian flavors that are prepared with nothing with the best spices and Indian groceries. All our dishes are pure vegetarian and taste exactly like that of India. Dosa and more is the best Indian restaurant in Berlin.

There are various benefits of eating Indian dishes and street food at Dosa and more in Berlin:

  1. Cleanliness and hygiene is maintained

  2. Authentic Indian flavors

  3. Real dishes, chaats, South Indian meals

  4. Affordable and reasonable prices

  5. True to quality and quantity

  6. Products, spices, and groceries used are from the best Indian brands in Germany

  7. Pure vegetarian dishes

  8. Mouth-watering South Indian dishes

  9. Chaats and chutneys that are homemade and true to their origin

  10. Original Indian flavors and taste

The main plus point of eating at Dosa and more is that we offer the tastes from the streets of India directly to Berlin. Anybody and everybody who craves and wants South Indian food or Indian street food should come visit the best Indian-cuisine restaurant in Berlin and feel like they are back in India.


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