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How Did Indian Cuisine Overcome the Unhygienic Food Myths Abroad

Indian cuisine for many years was greatly misunderstood by people abroad. Taking medicines to avoid the repercussions of having Indian food became a prerequisite for most. Indians were looked down upon for making, having and serving food which was not only too spicy for human taste but also extremely unhygienic. This led to very few people even trying Indian food when visiting India, along with nearly no Indian grocery stores or restaurants abroad. Indian food was considered to be made under extremely unhygienic conditions using ingredients which caused various digestive diseases. People coming from various countries carried medicines for indigestion when coming to India and mostly avoided having outside food altogether.

There were barely any Indian restaurants abroad, if there were any only Indian immigrants visited them. The name of Indian cuisine was spoiled beyond repair. Eventually with the evolution and digitalisation all around the world, people were exposed to the ingredients and techniques Indians used to make food. The health benefits of Indian ingredients attracted people all around the world. Restaurants like Dosa and More, one of the best Indian restaurants in Berlin, use healthy, organic Indian ingredients to make delicious Indian food in Germany. These restaurants have helped people experience the true taste of Indian cuisine dishes and made them popular all over the globe. People now, don’t only enjoy having Indian food outside but also cook Indian cuisine dishes at home. What brought about this change?

There are quite a few reasons behind the sudden increase in intake of Indian cuisine everywhere in the world. One of the reasons is digitalisation. Especially since the covid-19 pandemic hit the world, people shifted towards the internet. From ordering food online from their favourite restaurants to ordering clothes, groceries, ingredients and other daily use items, customers use the internet for everything. This shift led to a lot of people discovering new cuisines and new ingredients. While staying at home during the lockdown, people who loved cooking and eating explored their taste buds by trying new cuisines. It was this time when people abroad discovered the deliciousness of Indian cuisine and its various flavourful dishes. For instance, there was barely any restaurant selling Indian food in Berlin, but now there isn't only one of the best Indian food places in Berlin, called Dosa and More but people there have added Indian cuisine to their regular meal schedule as well.

Another reason for the growth of Indian cuisine can be created to online websites and blogs. People read more on the internet on a regular basis than print media. Food bloggers from India are famous abroad and their blogs about Indian food, dishes and ingredients are also widely talked about. Blogs help increase the knowledge of people without having to physically visit any place. Researching new countries, cultures, cuisines and religions help different nationalities come closer and develop a sense of harmony amongst them. It is the exposure to blogs that made people realise that Indian ingredients and Indian food is not limited to just oily, fried and spicy food but there are a huge variety of different flavoured dishes one can have according to their taste. Blogs exposed people to the behind the scenes of the making of Indian cuisine which made them familiar with the technique, the ingredients and the health benefits of combining the two together.

Dosa and More is one of the top Indian restaurants in Berlin. It is the place to have delicious, healthy and mouth watering South Indian meals, North Indian street food dishes, chaats, beverages and a lot more to offer. With incredible taste and the use of traditional, hygienic and organic ingredients, the chefs at Dosa and More create delicacies from the Indian home land. The meals at Dosa and More are very reasonably priced and can be consumed on a regular basis. Carrying forward the delicious taste of Indian dishes, Dosa and More also delivers meals in Berlin through online food delivery applications. The variety of flavours available at Dosa and More makes it a must visit place when in Berlin.

It took years for the India cuisine to pave its way into the international cuisine market and has now spread like a wildfire. People around the world praise, appreciate and consume Indian meals regularly. Either by making them at home using Indian ingredients or by having them at authentic and traditional Indian restaurants like Dosa and More. Indian meals are extremely healthy when cooked under hygienic conditions, using the correct amount of premium ingredients and after following a good traditional recipe. Various ingredients have helped Indian cuisine break the myth of unhealthy meals and have increased respect and love for the cuisine all over the world. Indian meals from Dosa and More are a must try for all in Berlin. Dosa and More, one of the best Indian restaurants, has a dish for every taste bud.

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