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Popular Indian Chicken Dishes for Every Occasion

Non vegetarian dishes are loved all over India. Although with a majority of Hindus in the country who despise non-veg, the popularity of meat dishes has grown over the years with a more logical and understanding approach towards religion. Various Indian states have specialised a few non-vegetarian dishes and people travel from far lands to try these dishes. Grab some of the most delicious non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes at one of the top Indian restaurants in Berlin, Dosa and More.

Popularity of Indian non-vegetarian dishes grew after the western world was introduced to shawarma and biryani. Highly consumed meats in the Indian cuisine are chicken and goat meat. Unlike the western countries, beef and pork is not consumed in India keeping in mind the religious sentiments and traditions of the people. Chicken and goat meat serve as great and rich sources of animal based protein. Apart from the non-vegetarian dishes, lentils are also a great source of protein in the Indian cuisine.

The Mughals introduced non-vegetarian dishes to the Indian cuisine. They consumed meat heavily and gave Indian dishes like kebabs, and shawarma. Some of the most popular non-vegetarian chains in India are Kareems, Tunday Kabab, Dastarkhan, Biryani Blues and many more. The most popular non-vegetarian Indian states are:

1. Telangana: Almost 98.7% of population is non-vegetarian eating

2. West Bengal: About 98.7% males and 98.4% females are non-vegetarian eaters

3. Andhra Pradesh: Almost 98% of the population is non-vegetarian eaters

4. Tamil Nadu: 97.5% of the population is approximately non-vegetarian

5. Kerala: About 97.4% males and 97.6% females are non-veg eaters

6. Odisha: 97% population consumed non-vegetarian dishes

7. Jharkhand: Nearly 97.2% males and 96.3% females consume non-veg

8. Bihar: Nearly 93% non-vegetarian population

According to a latest report nearly 70% plus Indian population consumes non-vegetarian dishes. This fondness for meat has resulted in the opening of non-vegetarian restaurant chains all around the globe. Indian hotels in Berlin like Dosa and More serve authentic, traditional non-vegetarian Indian dishes for one to consume. Dishes like chicken biryani are very famous abroad. Apart from Biryani people enjoy non-vegetarian Indian dishes like chicken masala, chicken or mutton gravy, chicken tikka, kebabs, and shawarma.

When Indians hear non-veg they hear biryani. You will rarely ever find a non-vegetarian Indian who is not in love with biryani. But that is not the only meat dish that is popular in the Indian cuisine. Try some of these delicious chicken meat and other Indian flavoured non-vegetarian dishes at Dosa and More in Berlin along with mouth watering South Indian dosas and various other dishes.

Here are a few chicken dishes consumed in India:

1. Chicken Biryani:

The most loved and adorned non-vegetarian dish in India and frankly all over the world too. Chicken biryani is cooked in various ways and there are hundreds of traditional techniques to make the perfect biryani. This dish mainly contains long-grain, basmati rice, onions and tomatoes, lots of pieces of chicken meat and tons of spices and herbs. The most famous chicken biryani in India is Hyderabadi Biryani made in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

2. Chicken Shawarma:

Scraped spiced chicken meat wrapped up in an Indian bread or rumali roti. A Shawarma is a delicious, mouth watering and irresistible tasting dish. The speciality of a shawarma roll is the way it is made. The key to recognise an authentic shawarma place is a huge stack of chicken meat hanging on a stick. The chef scraped off pieces of meat from the stick onto a rumali roti or mughlai roti and loads it up with sauces, onions and other spices and herbs.

3. Chicken kebab:

A simple pan fried patty made with chicken meat cooked in spices and herbs. Kebabs from traditional and authentic food chains literally melt in your mouth. Kebabs are loved for their texture and flavour. Mostly enjoyed with mughlai paratha or rumali roti. Kebabs are a filling dish and serve as a perfect palate enhancing meal. Mughlai kebabs are consumed widely all over India.

4. Chicken curry:

A complete Indian diet includes a protein dish preferably lentils, rice, a cooked vegetable dish, chapatis, and a dish of curry. This curry dish for non-vegetarians is chicken masala. Pieces of meat cooked to perfection in a mesmerising blend of spices and herbs. The special flavours in this curry comes from a process done during the prep time called marination of the chicken pieces. Chicken curry dishes have a lot of different flavours and are made differently all over the country. These different flavours have led to them being named uniquely like Chicken Rara, Chicken masala, Butter Chicken, Shahi Chicken, Malai chicken, Afghani chicken, etc.

These chicken dishes add a flood of spices, flavours and aroma to your meal. Served best with a side of spiced curd, sliced onions and green chutney. While some of these dishes can be consumed with rice, or chapati or other Indian breads, some are stand alone meals.


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