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Tea - The Most Popular Indian Beverage and Its Kinds

Tea in India is not only a beverage, it is an emotion, a companion, having tea makes a person feel content and complete. Every street in India has a tea stall, filled with people gossiping, discussing politics, sharing their day, or simply enjoying their own company. Every Indian city has various “best” tea, vendors. Tea stalls open at 4 am and the vendor runs out of stock for the day by 7 am. That’s how addicted Indians are to their tea. Ask an Indian to drink tea at any time of the day be it 2 in the afternoon on a summer day or 2 in the morning, they will always say yes. The most beloved rains are commemorated in India with a warm cup of tea and fried potato fritters or pakodas.

India is the second largest producer of tea, including the famous Assam tea and Darjeeling tea. The Indian tea industry includes the cultivation, processing, trading, and exporting of tea leaves. The Indian tea industry fulfills major global demands and generated huge employment in the country. The freshness, aroma, taste, and origination of the tea leaves are the most relevant pointers will having tea anywhere in the world.

Tea is a highly demanded commodity in Europe, especially in Western Europe. Due to health benefits, the smell, and the freshness of tea, it is becoming a highly asked for dish in Indian restaurants in Germany too. The birth and growth of strong tea culture are visible in most countries.

Tea consumption in India originated during the Ayurveda times when people started drinking herbal tea. India is now the biggest consumer of tea in the world. People who have been to India know just how refreshing Indian tea is. To enjoy the authentic taste and aroma of Indian tea in Germany visit Dosa and More, one of the best Indian restaurants in Berlin. Tea is one of the signature commodities produced and consumed in India.

The Indian tea is consumed for the aroma, taste, and health benefits of the herbs and spices used. Some of the healthy spices and herbs used in making Indian tea include holy basil or Tulsi, pepper, ginger, clove, and cardamom. The demand for authentic and original Indian tea has grown worldwide. Most Indian restaurants now serve authentic tea for the people of that country to enjoy the smell and flavour of this little miracle. Indian restaurants in Berlin, like Dosa and More, offer Indian tea made using all the original and fresh ingredients only.

Indians consume tea with light snacks. Some of these snacks are:

1. Biscuits- Parle G, Britania biscuit etc

2. Bread toast

3. Butter bread

4. Rusk

5. Papad or Khakhra

6. Chakli

7. Indian namkeens

8. Mathri

9. Samosa


11.Poha or fried rice

12.Vada or Idli

13.Vada Pao


Indian tea can also be consumed with breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. In India, you might not find a gas station or a hospital every 3 km but you will find a tea stall there. The tea stall vendors have also evolved over the years and have started serving various snacks along with their delicious, aromatic tea. Some Tea vendors in India are believed to add small amounts of intoxicating substances to their batches of tea to make people want that tea every day.

Here is a list of kinds of tea that exist in India, that are consumed world wide:

1. Masala Chai: The traditional Indian tea made using Milk, sugar, and aromatic and flavoured spices like ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. More herbs and spices are added which make every masala tea distinctive. Grab yourself the best Indian food in Berlin along with a warm cup of Masala tea at Dosa and More.

2. Assam Tea: Black tea native to the Indian state of Assam. The tea leaves of Assam tea help prevent certain cancers like lung and ovarian cancer. The Assam tea is not only famous in Assam but is preferred all over the world. It has a strong malty flavour.

3. Butter Tea: Also known as Gur Gur chai. Traditionally served in tiny teacups called kulhad, Butter tea is famous in Sikkim and Ladakh. Butter tea is made from salt, tea leaves, milk butter, and water.

4. Darjeeling Tea: All Indians are aware of the delicious Darjeeling Tea. This kind of tea is very subtle and soothing because of its distinctive aroma. Darjeeling tea is white, black, green, and oolong. It helps prevent obesity.

5. Gur chai: Traditional Indian tea cup enjoyed by rural people which is now being accepted all around the globe because of its organic ingredients and health benefits. Instead of using unnatural sugar, Gur chai is made using Jaggery or gur as a substituent.

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