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Bored of home cooked meals? Try Dosa and More’s top six delicious dishes

Making meals at home is a huge task for the chef of the family. Deciding every meal keeping in mind the preferences of each member is troublesome on most days. Also one is required to take time off of their busy schedule to spend loads of time in the kitchen making a meal. Especially for those who aren't in love with the idea of cooking everyday, restaurants are a life saver. Every person deserves a break and so does the cook of every family. On days when you do not feel like cooking, local restaurants are the best place to visit for a nice outing and a quick bite. Eating at restaurants is also a good time to reconnect with loved ones, get to know new people and rekindle old relations with friends.

The biggest concerns people have while eating out at a restaurant is what to have, where to eat, the nutritional value of the meal served and how much it would cost. All these factors come into play when one visits an unknown restaurant. But one can easily throw these concerns out the window when having a meal at Dosa and More, one of the good Indian restaurants in Berlin. Restaurants like Dosa and More have made it convenient for the home makers to enjoy their meals without going through the stress of cooking. Dosa and More is one such restaurant that serves authentic food, made using love, and care with hygiene kept as top priority and has dishes that are safe to consume on a regular basis.

Dosa and More is a traditional Indian restaurant based in Berlin, Germany serving some of the most delicious and healthy Indian meals at reasonable prices for all. All dishes at Dosa and More are made using organically obtained ingredients which are safe for all age groups to consume. Dosa and More strongly believe in home like cooking thus all dishes at this restaurant taste authentic and delightful like they were made at home. For a person who cooks for themselves or their family safely and nutritional value is top priority and so is for Dosa and More. This is why each meal served at Dosa and More is not only mouth watering but also very healthy and safe.

Whenever one is bored of home made meals they can visit Dosa and More in Berlin. While some might wonder if this would cause a financial burden on them, people who are familiar with Dosa and More’s menu know that this is not true. Dosa and More is a cheap Indian restaurant in Berlin which will help you have a healthy, different and delicious meal at pocket friendly prices. So to say, Dosa and More is a whole packaged deal for Indian cuisine lovers. It has a huge variety of traditional and healthy Indian meals, all available at reasonable prices. Not only this, dishes at Dosa and More vary from subtle flavoured ones to tangy, sweet and spicy which is why it is perfect for people with different tastes.

Here are the top 6 Dosa and More unique, traditional Indian dishes you just try whenever you are in Berlin:

1. Schezwan Jinny Dosa:

Delicious tangy and saucy. If you have always seen dosa like a crepe, here is something different and unique for you at the best Indian restaurant in Germany, Dosa and More. Schezwan Jinny Dosa are tangy and saucy rolls of crunchy, traditional South Indian dosa.

2. Cheese Dosa:

The delicious authentic taste of south Indian dosa infused and loaded with fresh cheese is perfect for every meal. Dosa and More’s cheese dosa and cheese masala dosa are a must try by all.

3. Chicken Biryani:

This one dish owns the heart of every non-vegetarian Indian food lover. The best rice dish to have on a gloomy day is chicken biryani. Having chicken biryani is one such experience every non-vegetarian food lover should have.

4. Steamed Idli:

Simplicity at its best. Plain steamed idli is served with a side of tangy sambar and coconut chutney which makes this combo a delicious, healthy and filling meal. Made using rice and lentil flour, Idlis are healthy and since they are steamed there is no use of unnecessary oil or butter.

5. Cheese Chilli Uttapam:

South Indian cuisine consists of various healthy and delicious breakfast options one of which is uttapam. This Dosa and More speciality is healthy and mouth watering. Topped with chillies and loads of cheese, Cheese Chilli Uttapam is a delicious breakfast alternative.

6. Chole Bhature:

This dish is not only famous in India, but has won hearts all over the world with its rich and delightful flavours. Chole Bhature are tangy spicy, delicious chickpea gravy loaded with Indian herbs and spices served with a side of friend Indian flat bread.

Try these delightful Indian delicacies in Germany at Dosa and More restaurant.


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