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Why do all Indians love South Indian Dishes?

Updated: May 4, 2021

India is a land of cultures, religions, art forms, and well delicious dishes! Every Indian state is unique in itself and has a unique dish or flavour that is the best in the country. Some food items like chole bhature, pav Bhaji, chaat, pani batashe are made all over the country with the spices and vegetables famous in that state. These few dishes are loved by all Indians with a little twist of their own. Indian dishes are delicious and healthy which makes them even more irresistible. Indians who crave Indian food should pay a visit to a reasonably cheap Indian restaurant in Berlin, Dosa and more. People of UP and Delhi like their food spicy, while those in Rajasthan prefer to add a tinge of herbs in every dish. Indians make hundreds of changes in the recipes they use, that is how the Indian desi noodles taste nothing like those made in China. The taste of an Indian pizza cannot be found even in Italy and nothing can be compared to the Indian flavours and spices.

But there is one cuisine in India that cannot be replaced and the recipes of the dishes of this cuisine are mostly followed by Indians residing anywhere in the world, South Indian. The dishes made in South India are both sweet and savoury. They mostly are accompanied by the traditional coconut chutney and they are the only dishes that are eaten in all Indian states. From crispy delicious Dosa to healthy energising Idli. South Indian dishes have a great impact on Indians. If you wish to have authentic South Indian food visit Dosa and more, a good Indian restaurant in Berlin. Indian food is delicious, healthy, and definitely a must-have for all those who crave flavourful food and wish to try new dishes.

Here are some mind-blowing facts about South Indian dishes:

1. South Indian cuisine is one of the most famous meal preference in India

2. It is one of the best food franchise all across India

3. Most popular South Indian dishes include Idli, Upma, and Dosa

4. The base product of most South Indian dishes is rice or rice flour

5. Health freaks have modernised South Indian dishes by replacing rice flour with dal/ lentils flour or oats

6. South Indian meals are cooked differently all over India and elsewhere

7. Indians residing all over the world have their own definition of the best south Indian meal they have ever had

8. South Indian dishes have a different taste because of different level of spices used depending on the place

9. Idli and Dosa are the most commonly known South Indian dishes

10. South Indians add sweeteners like jaggery and sugar to give the unique flavour

11. Coconut chutneys are a must-have with every South Indian dish and coconut is the main ingredient

12. South Indian dishes have a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes

13. Most South Indian dishes are steamed thus fat content is very low

14. South Indian meals are highly digestive

To get the best South Indian dishes at the best Indian restaurant in Berlin, visit Dosa and more, a pure vegetarian restaurant.

Some of the very famous, yummy, and must have South Indian dishes are:

1. Dosa: Traditional, healthy breakfast made with fermented rice and dal batter. Dosa can be compared to a thin crispy crepe. Dosa is usually served with hot sambhar and coconut chutney. Dosa is light and can be filled with spicy aloo and other vegetables to make it healthier.

2. Idli: Steamed little pockets of delight! Idlis are a very famous South Indian dish loved by Indians all around the globe. It is made with rice flour and dal and served with a hot bowl of Sambhar and coconut chutney. The light and filing nature of Idli is what catches everybody’s attention.

3. Vadas: If you are craving a light yet deep-fried, crispy dish, Vada is the answer for you. Made with a thick batter of lentils, spiced with pepper, curry leaves, and cumin this delicacy is a full-fledged meal as well as a snackable.

4. Uttapams: Healthy, tasty, and full of veggies, these little treats will satisfy your hunger and add nutrients to your dietary plan. Uttapams are very easy to make. The batter of Uttapams is made with rice, lentils mixed with water, and lots and lots of vegetables.

5. Crispy Banana chips: While they sound very weird, this South Indian snack is very delicious, crispy, healthy, and very popular. People specially visit South Indian states to get their hands on bags of this snack. They are obviously made using banana, which is deep-fried in coconut oil.

6. Pongal: A sweet delicacy as well as a savoury dish. Yes, you heard it right! Pongal is a famous South Indian dish that is created in two forms, one sweet rice cake and the other is served as usual with Sambhar and chutney

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