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A Brief History of the World Famous South Indian Cuisine

From delicious main course meals to quick breakfast dishes, south Indian cuisine is loved, not only in India but worldwide. People enjoy Indian food in Berlin, the US, UK, Australia and various other countries and continents. From the streets of New York to fine dining restaurants, South Indian cuisine is famous for its distinctive flavours and sweet-savoury taste. But the dishes made are not 10, 20, or 100 years old, these flavours are catered for generations, and will be loved by more generations to come.

Spices like tamarind, pepper, curry leaves, and garlic are heavily used in the cuisine. The cuisine has its origins over 4500 years ago, in the Dravidian culture. Still today, the food is served in banana leaves. Although the style of serving and the combinations of meals have drastically changed over the years, one can still try and enjoy these yummy Indian meals at one of the best Indian restaurants in Berlin, Dosa and More.

South Indian cuisine is influenced by dishes from 5 big states – Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Lakshadweep, Pondicherry, and Andaman and Nicobar Islands like Union Territories.

South Indian cuisine uses a vast variety of spices, vegetables, and herbs. Some of them are

  • Coconut

From coconut oil to coconut chutney, coconut is loved by each and every one. Native to the lands, this ingredient is one of the staples of the cuisine.

  • Malabar pepper

Native to the lands, this pepper is cultivated in extremely high quantities.

  • Tamarind

Sweet and savoury taste is loved and is a very important part of this cuisine. Tamarind is the go-to ingredient for making tasty and flavourful chutney.

  • Snake Gourd

Rich in dietary fibres, this vegetable is used as an ingredient in making tasty and healthy dishes.

  • Garlic

Indian cuisine and Indians love adding garlic to their food. This herb is used as an ingredient for thousands of years and is very healthy, and even adds taste and distinctive aromatic properties to the food.

  • Ginger

Ginger is used in teas to even some desserts. This is also used to make the base paste for main dishes and has many health benefits.

Dosa and More is among the top Indian restaurants in Berlin providing people there with an authentic South and North Indian cuisine food and an overall premium quality experience. The South has some ingredients that are used in almost every dish. Rice is an ingredient that is used in many dishes, from making Dosa to Puliyogare, rice is loved by almost everyone. And as much as we love rice, we love lentils. Most dishes have some form of lentil mixed, even some desserts too.

Some staple South Indian dishes that use rice are

  • Coconut Rice

2 of the loved ingredients are fused together to make a lovely dish. This dish is mild in spices, rice are sauteed, and freshly grated coconut is added to the sauteed rice. Cashew nuts and mild spices are also sprinkled to make the rice perfect.

  • Sambhar Rice

Lentil and rice and combined in this tasty, aromatic dish that is loved even in north India. You can walk into any restaurant, and sambhar rice will be a part of the breakfast, lunch, and any business thali.

  • Lemon Rice

Taste is very important for hard-working students. So, this quick tasty and healthy dish is almost part of every lunch box. This lunch dish is very easy to make and is just amazing for savoury taste lovers.

  • Karuvapellai Satham

Healthy, tasty, and spicy. This curry leaves rice dish is infused with vitamins, calcium, and iron. Famous in Tamil Nadu, this dish is made using rice, curry leaves, and many spices.

  • Bagara Annam

One of the most famous dishes of Telangana, Bagara Annam uses basmati or sona masuri rice with coriander and mint leaves. This is the perfect side dish for chicken and mutton.

As staple ingredients make famous dishes, The south Indian cuisine has end number of favourites. Some of the dishes are loved worldwide and have left their mark on the best dishes of all time.

  1. Dosa – With over 100 variations, this dish is famous and every Indian has eaten this once in his or her life. The dish is made from fermented rice and lentil batter. Nowadays, cottage cheese, potatoes, and even chocolate is used as an ingredient for making different variations of this amazing healthy, and tasty dish.

  2. Idly and Sambhar – This combination is loved by Indians for breakfast, lunch, dinner, parties, or at any occasion. This savoury rice cake is soft and extremely satiating. Sambhar is made with lentils and spices and is served with coconut and garlic chutney.

  3. Vada – This dish uses legumes as its main ingredient. Legume is soaked and grounded to make a batter, topped with several spices and herbs making tasty Vada.

  4. Appam – This Indian-style pancake is made from fermented rice and coconut milk, a very common dish in Kerala. This is a breakfast and dinner favourite!

  5. Puttu – This dish looks like sushi, but does not have any kind of meat in it. This is rolled rice, in a cylindrical shape, Layered with grated coconut and sweet or savoury fillings. This dish is served hot and is eaten with curries, mutton, fish, chicken, beef, or any dish they love.


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