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Dosa and Its Magical Powers

Dosa, also known as “Dosai” is a thin Indian style crepe made with a fermented batter of lentils and rice. Originating from South India, the Dosa has amazing savoury flavours and is served with Sambhar, and coconut chutney. Grab the best Indian food in Berlin at Dosa and more, a pure vegetarian South Indian restaurant.

The main ingredients used in preparing Dosa are rice, black gram that is ground together, and then salt is added according to taste. The smooth batter is then fermented.

So as this tasty dish made its name all over the county, so everyone with their traditions contributed to the variations of Dosa.

Types of Dosa you can enjoy:-

1. Masala Dosa – Made with spiced potatoes filling served with red chutney over the dosa.

2. Plain Dosa – This dosa is served only with sambhar and chutney and for you to enjoy the savory crepe.

3. Paneer dosa – The Dosa is filled with spicy panner

4. Oats dosa – As healthy is getting more popular, The ingredients of the Dosa also evolved and become healthier

5. Set Dosa – The dosa is made in a way that is very spongy, soft, and extremely light.

6. Palak Dosa – The dosa is layered with Spinach (palak) paste

7. Mini Soya Dosa – Made using wheat flour and Soya milk

8. Light White Dosa – Made with Rice and coconut.

9. Pesarattu Dosa – Made with using Green Gram

10.Mysore Masala Dosa – Made with Rice, black gram, and fenugreek seeds

11.Onion Rava Dosa – Made with Semolina and rice flour

12.Kadapa Karam Dosa – The Rice flour fermentation is left overnight and is mixed with sodium carbonate. Topped with a mixture of onion and chili paste called by natives as Yerra Karam, and a special chutney made with tomato, flour, and curd.

13.Ragi wheat dosa – Made with ragi and wheat flour

14.Rava Dosa – Made with using Sooji ( semolina )

15.Benne Dose – Associated with Davanagere district in Karnataka, it’s made with butter.

16.Neer Dosa – The rice batter is a little watery in this dosa

17.Vodu dose – Made from Fenugreek seeds with added rice and grated cocnut and that too flattened rice. Leftover rice is also added sometimes of taste. It is a non-fermented type of dosa.

18.Amboli ghavan dhirde – These are different types of dosa, mainly made in coastal areas of Maharashtra. Amboli and ghavan are fermented, while Dhire Is made from non-fermented batter.

19.Buttermilk Dosa – Made with semolina ( sooji ), maida, and buttermilk

20.Jaggery Dosa – made with Rice flour, maida, jaggery, and grated coconut

21.Garlic cheese dosa – Basic plain dosa that is topped with thinly chopped garlic, coriander and is filled with delicious cheese.

Dosa and more, offers a wide range of healthy, authentic Indian food in Berlin.

How many calories does Dosa have?

Plain dosa 1 serving does not contain more than 120 calories. That is just amazing. The Dish is tasty and so healthy and low in calories so that you can be full and lose weight.

Nutritional benefits of Dosa

1. Works as an antidote- Dosa is made with fermented rice. All fermented items work as an antidote for our body, so it makes our gut healthy. Our body needs healthy calories and the right Micro and macronutrients to function optimally.

2. Contains essential micronutrients- Dosa packs Vitamins and minerals that support our immune system

3. Helps regulate Blood flow- It helps regulate our blood flow and decreases the chances of digestive ailments.

4. High In Protein– Black urad dal, a vegetarian source of rich protein is used in making the batter of the Dosa.

5. Easier weight loss – As getting on a diet Is easier than following the same, foods that are tasty, filling, and low in calories will help you lose weight and be satiated so you will not binge eat after a week of the dieting.

6. The ideal amount of carbs and fat– Dosa just do not only contains protein but also has an ideal amount of carbohydrates and fat. Don’t be a carbophobe. As carbs are necessary for the functioning and as a source of energy for the body.

What can you do to make the dosa healthier?

There are so many variations in Dosa that you can never be satisfied. But If your goal currently is to lose weight, then eat Plain Dosa rather than filled ones, you can fill the Dosa with salad and Palak, but not with cheese and potatoes. Having a small serving won’t harm, but to lose weight and feel fuller, eat plain Dosa.

Remember that eating potato-filled Dosa is not going to change a lot, but 3 servings of it will.

Out of so many variations, what is the best Dosa you can have?

For Health purposes, having Ragi dosa is the best as it helps in weight loss and maintaining diabetes and cholesterol.

For taste, well there’s only one way to find out!! Search for Indian food near me and be directed to the best one there is in Berlin, Dosa and more!

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