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Dosa and More’s Top Dishes for People Who Love Spicy Food

Indian food has for ages been regarded as spicy and tangy because of the delicious, mouth watering ingredients used to make them. To make a dish delicious, Indian spices are used in a unique, complex combination. These spices and herbs bring out the best flavours of the other ingredients and give life to the entire meal. No Indian dish is complete without spices and herbs. Most of the Indian spices and herbs have for ages been used for their medicinal benefits which makes them an even better fit for a health conscious person. Indian spices, when consumed in correct and apt

quantities, actually prove to be very beneficial and help a person fight against various internal and external diseases. Indian spices are mostly very rich in antioxidants.

Earlier people considered Indian food to be too spicy, unhygienic and unhealthy but with the gradual growth and spread of the love for Indian meals across the world, people now actually know how yummy and healthy Indian dishes are. Indian ingredients combined together make for some of the best meals one must try at least once in their lifetime. These dishes can be consumed at good and authentic Indian restaurantslike Dosa and More in Berlin, Germany. From being looked down upon for being too oily and too spicy, to being one of the most widely consumed cuisines in the world, Indian cuisine has come a long way. One of the biggest reasons being the growth of the internet and exchange of knowledge between people belonging to different parts of the world.

Indian history is a proof of how Indian spices and tanginess of these herbs and spices have been and are still in use to cure or prevent various diseases. The flavours and aroma of these spices bring the ingredients to life and are used with utmost care. The flavours of each spice is unique and irresistible. These spices help make some of the most mouth watering, tangy and spicy Indian dishes loved by people all over the world. If you are a spicy food lover, you should try Dosa and More in Berlin, an Indian restaurant serving traditional Indian food in Berlin. Some Indian dishes are spicier, more complex and flavourful and tangier than the others which we will discuss in this blog.

Dosa and More is an authentic Indian restaurant serving some of the most famous and delicious traditional Indian dishes all at pocket friendly prices for all to have. Based in Berlin, Dosa and More has managed to bring the people living or visiting Berlin closer to the exquisite Indian culture and its various aspects. All dishes at Dosa and More are made using all organic and authentic products and ingredients by thoroughly following a traditional recipe. The expert chefs at Dosa and More know what they are doing and have been doing it for years which makes Dosa and More the best restaurant to have authentic Indian cuisine dishes in all of Germany.

From Subtle to Spicy, Dosa and More has it all. Here is a list of some of the best and most popular Indian dishes served at Dosa and More that are loaded with spices and will definitely help you satisfy your taste buds:

1. Chicken biryani:

The best non-vegetarian rice delicacy of India is undoubtedly Chicken Biryani. After a tough day the one food item that would instantly lift anyone’s mood is chicken biryani. There are various spices and herbs both grounded and whole used in the making of chicken biryani. After a thorough and complex process the chicken and rice are cooked in some of the greatest Indian herbs and spices. This makes it the number one dish for all spicy food lovers.

2. Aloo Tikki:

Indian chaats have been known for their tanginess and spiciness for ages now. Topping that list of must try delicious Indian chaats is Aloo Tikki. One of the best Indian chaats to have on a gloomy day. Aloo Tikki is known for the crispiness, tanginess, spiciness and crunchiness all put together. The perfectly deep fried tikki is mashed and topped with curd, Indian spices, freshly chopped onions and coriander leaves and above all garnished with Indian namkeens.

3. Chole Bhature:

Chole bhature is itself the epitome of spicy Indian meals. Spicy chickpea gravy consumed with fried Indian flat-bread bhature is generally served with sides of tangy spiced curd, pickles and onion rings. Chole Bhature makes for one of the best Indian street food dishes which is a full-fledged meal in itself. North Indians are famous for making mouth watering and super spicy chole.

4. Kaima Idli:

Served at Dosa and More, an Indian restaurant in Berlin, Kaima Idli is steamed idli cooked in spices. The spices bring tanginess and flavours to the otherwise subtle flavoured, bland Idli. It is one of the best South Indian meals for spicy food lovers.

5. Chicken curry with Indian bread:

Another classic non-vegetarian Indian dish is chicken curry with Indian bread. Curries are an Indian cuisine speciality. Dosa and More brings to you Chicken curry, with tender pieces of chicken cooked thoroughly in Indian herbs and spices to make one of the tangiest recipes in the Indian cuisine.

To try some of the best Indian delicacies when in Berlin, search for Indian food near me and visit Dosa and More restaurant.


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