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Get Your Favourite South Indian Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep in Germany

Staying at home during the pandemic made us all realise the importance of being outside, enjoying the fresh air, hanging out with friends and eating our favourite dishes at restaurants. It also made us realise the comforts of sitting at home in our bed and enjoying some me time or time with our family. The increase in population and limited seating at popular restaurants has driven people towards having a stay at home meal.

But after some time everyone gets bored of having the same or similar meals over and over again. Everyone needs a change of flavour every once in a while. That is when food delivery apps come in use. Getting food home delivered to your doorstep is such a comfort and convenience. Going on an app selecting your favourite restaurant from the ones nearby like Thai restaurant, Indian restaurant, etc and enjoying any dish while simply sitting at home.

Online delivery has eliminated the effort of dressing up, going out, booking tables, waiting outside restaurants and driving back home all together. A sudden visit by some guests? Don’t worry, just order online instantly. Hungry for some specific dish but don’t want to make it? Simple, order through food delivery apps and get that dish home delivered. One can now easily order any meal online through food delivery apps. The people in Germany can now get their favourite South Indian meals, Indian chaats and North Indian street food delivered to their home through Dosa and More in Berlin.

Get all kinds of Indian food delivered to your doorstep by ordering online from Dosa and More, a traditional Indian restaurant in Berlin. Dosa and More has a wide range of South Indian meals, and other Indian street food dishes to choose from. All dishes at Dosa and More are made using traditional and authentic ingredients which helps the expert chefs make mouth watering and true to taste dishes. When in Berlin all you need to search for is Indian food near me and you will find Dosa and More’s website there. Once you are on the website you will find all the dishes that are served there with their prices and a brief description for you to see.

The key to making a customer satisfied and happy is ensuring a healthy, delicious and presentable meal. Dosa and More has managed to woo its customers with delicious, eye pleasing and true to taste traditional Indian food in Berlin. The experts who make these dishes are well versed in Indian cooking, mixing spices and creating delicacies that will remind you of the restaurants and stalls in the streets of India.

Here are a few dishes served at Dosa and More that are a must try:

1. Cheese Dosa:

South Indian dosa stuffed with spiced potatoes and cheese. Cheese Dosa is a classic traditional dish modernised with melt in mouth cheese.

2. Chole Bhature:

The best Indian street dish to ever exist! Taste the spicy, tanginess of cooked chickpeas in a masaledar gravy served with Indian flatbreads called Bhature.

3. Pav Bhaji:

The Maharashtrian delicacy to die for! Pav bhaji is a dish that is healthy, delicious and nutritious. Mashed and spiced veggies cooked in a gravy served along with butter toasted pav.

4. Pani Puri:

Indian chaats are not only delicious they are irresistible! Grab a plate of the best Indian chaat pani puri at Dosa and More. Crunchy, fried wheat balls served with spiced potato stuffing and different flavours of water for you to enjoy as an evening snack.

5. Dahi Bhalla:

A classic cold Indian chaat. Dahi Bhalla are small spiced balls covered in curd garnished with fresh coriander, fruits and Indian namkeen. It is perfect as a palette cleanser any day.

6. Masala Dosa:

One of the most famous and loved South Indian dishes all over India is Masala Dosa. Stuffed with spicy and tangy mashed potatoes and served hot with a bowl of sambar and coconut chutney.

7. Idli:

There is nothing as subtle yet delicious as Idli. Steamed rice cakes also served hot with sambar and coconut chutney are a traditional South Indian dish, made and consumed all over India.

8. Vada:

Donut shaped South Indian dish. Vadas are also served and consumed like Dosa and Idli but are textured with a crispy outer layer and soft inner part. Enjoy warm and delicious vada in Berlin at Dosa and More.

These are just some of the famous South Indian and North Indian dishes served at Dosa and More. Visit Dosa and More in Berlin or order online for much more like traditional Indian sweet dishes, authentic Indian Masala Tea, chaats and meals. The best thing about Dosa and More’s food is the Indian love, flavours, spices, cooking methods, natural and premium quality ingredients used. Get all these in a dish from Dosa and More by ordering an authentic meal online.

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