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Rice is one of the most widely used ingredient in India, and many dishes are made with it. Rice is served as a flavourful main, or sometimes as a companion, making its way to our dinner table in many different ways. Some of the authentic Indian dishes are available at an Indian restaurant in Berlin, Dosa and More.

Rice has many different varieties available in the market of tasty dishes, we have created the most popular Indian dishes made with rice.

1. Jeera rice: A simple dish made using rice and cumin seeds. Basmati rice is mostly used in this dish, and rice is added to fried cumin seeds in ghee, you can add ginger, mint, pepper, onion to further make the taste to your liking. Jeera rice is served mostly as an accompaniment to other tasty dishes, mainly curries. But Indians love to eat this dish as a main too. To enjoy authentic Indian food in Berlin visit Dosa and More, a South Indian restaurant.

2. Mughlai Biryani: India’s favourite on this list is a part of the royal Mughal cuisine. This dish is made using spiced meat, (mostly lamb is used), Flavoured and sometimes, coloured rice, fried onions, sultanas, almonds. Mughlai biryani is made in a special pot, cooked slowly to perfection leaving an aromatic and flavourful experience. A large number of aromatic ingredients are also added like cardamom, nutmeg, cumin, saffron, and cinnamon. This can also be called a main festive dish on the occasion of Eid. Usually served with raita (made with curd) on the side.

3. Bombay Biryani This dish has its variety, and different layers of basmati rice, potatoes, chicken or mutton, vegetables, served along with fried onions, mint leaves, and dried plums. While boiling the rice, a variety of spices as to add flavour, and the meat and potatoes are also fried in this dish. All the ingredients prepared are finally added to a pot, slowly cooked to perfection. The dish is topped with ghee and served with raita.

4. Khichdi: This dish is originated in the south of India and is made of rice and lentils. Sanskrit khiccā is the Sanskrit word, Khichdi is derived from, meaning a dish of rice and legumes. This dish is famous and is consumed in all of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan with their little flavour twists. This is the main dish, and also one of the first solid food that is given to babies in India. Khichdi is easy to digest, as this is the recommended dish to eat by all doctors.

5. Pulao: Made with using rice, wheat couscous, wheat vegetable, dried foods, spices put together for a flavourful experience. Pulao is mainly served as a side dish but is enjoyed as a main when served with raita or salad aside. Pulao Is also famous worldwide and is consumed in many middle eastern countries.

6. Pulihora: This tasty and savoury dish is originated from the south of India and is a dish enjoyed by many. The main ingredients are rice, tamarind, curry leaves, coriander, ginger, and green chilies. And yellow lentils, mustard seeds, and roasted sesame seeds can also be added to enhance the flavour of this dish. This dish is prepared in festivals and Is considered sacred too. The world Puli in Pulihora means sour, representing the flavours of the dish.

7. Tomato rice: This dish also has its origins in the south of India and is made using tomato paste, rice, spices, coriander. This dish is very savoury and flavourful. The ingredients are put together in a pressure cooker and are slowly cooked to perfection. This dish is very flavourful and aromatic, and the taste will always leave you wanting more.

8. Pongal: Pongal is a dish prepared during festivals and ceremonies. It is derived from Sri Lanka and is sweet. The dish is prepared in a very traditional way, using a clay pot and a fire. The clay pot is put over a fire and the rice is slowly cooked. And according to Tamil beliefs, if the liquid of the rice is spilled over, It is considered very lucky and brings prosperity to the family. This dish is prepared by every hand a small portion of rice and then is collected to make the dish.

9. Curd rice The favourite dish of the south Indians, this curd rice is a dish very popular in the many states in the south of India. This is a vegetarian dish, with main ingredients being rice and yoghurt, and is added with green chilies, minced ginger, curry leaves, and mustard leaves. This is served at the end of a meal, to balance the spicy food and help indigestion.

10. Bisi bele bath: This dish is known for its taste and easy preparation. This is the most popular lentil and rice recipe in south India and if you want to eat a dish that looks great, tastes great, and is very easy to prepare, you should take out of pressure cooker and apron and start making his tasty dish. Rice, lentils, vegetables with added spices and herbs are cooked in a pressure cooker.

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