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Some of the most delicious and healthy Indian dishes made using Semolina / Rava

Semolina is a form of flour that is coarse. It is made from a hard type of wheat called durum wheat. Durum wheat grains are converted into a coarse powder which is then called semolina or rava. Semolina is used to make various dishes like pasta, breads, and in India it is used as the base for most healthy dishes like South Indian dosa. Semolina has various health benefits as it is full of nutrients and is used world wide for these benefits. It helps make delicious, textured and healthy meals all over the world.

In India, semolina is known as Sooji in North India and Rava in South India. It is used to make batters for various dishes and is also the main ingredient in many. Rava is used to make both savoury and sweet dishes in India. It is a versatile ingredient found in almost all Indian households. If you want to try some of the most delicious, ravishing rava dishes in Germany visit Dosa and More, one the top Indian restaurants in Berlin.

This healthy Indian ingredient is used to make various dishes. In most cuisines rava or semolina is used as an ingredient either in flour form or as the main one. The reasons why it is used so much are its health benefits, the texture it provides and the flavour it imparts. Some health benefits and nutrients in semolina are mentioned below:

1. Rich in Vitamin B, iron, protein and fibre

2. It helps boost weight loss

3. Reduces hunger and makes you stomach feel fuller

4. Promotes heart health

5. Controls and improves blood sugar levels

6. Excellent source of iron required for growth

7. Clears digestive track and improves digestion

Semolina flour is mostly added to bakery items like bread, to make them crispy and crunchy. It is also added to potatoes and other veggies to make them crispier. Some people add semolina powder to soups, stews and curry to make them thicker. In India sooji/ rava/ semolina is used to make a variety of dishes like sooji ka cheela, sooji ka halwa, dosa, uttapam, idli, etc. Try some of the best Indian rava dishes at one of the best Indian hotels in Berlin, Dosa and More.

In the USA and other western countries semolina is used mainly to make bread and pasta but in India it is extensively used to make savoury breakfast dishes. It is used as a replacement to other flours as it is healthier. Given below are some of the most mouth watering Indian dishes made using semolina and semolina flour:

1. Rava upma:

A perfect, healthy and delicious breakfast dish for all age groups. Rava upma is an easy to make, full of veggies and subtle flavoured dish that will give your day an instant boost of energy.

2. Rava Chila:

Chila is a famous, healthy and light Indian breakfast dish which is very quick and easy to make. Different people use different flours like besan, etc to make chila but rava is the healthiest alternative or ingredient that can be used to make a chila at home.

3. Dhokla:

A Gujarati delicacy usually made using besan flavour, can also be made using rava, palak leaves, and oats. This Rava palak and oats dhokla is delicious, healthy and easy to make for a quick unique breakfast or evening snack.

4. Rava idli:

Idli itself is a very healthy and light steamed rice dish, but imagine one made using rava as the main ingredient. Rava idlis are way more nutritional than regular rice idli. The process of making the two is pretty similar. Enjoy authentic South Indian, healthy Rava Idli served with Sambar and coconut chutney at Dosa and More, one of the best Indian hotels in Berlin.

5. Rava Dosa:

Another ravishing rava dish available at Dosa and More in Berlin is Rava Dosa. Super crunchy, crispy, healthy and nutrient rich dish which is unique and filling. Rava Dosa is a must have for all the health conscious people looking for a tasty meal.

6. Sooji ka Halwa:

This dish is undoubtedly the most famous and loved by all sweet dishes in India. Sooji ka halwa is the sweet dish every Indian makes whenever they are craving something sweet, easy and quick to make and healthy.

7. Namak Pare:

This is a snackable made using sooji, maida, ajwain and other Indian spices. It is a diamond shaped snack made during the festive season in India and is truly irresistible. Namak pare are fried and are usually devoured within seconds.

The list of dishes that can be made using semolina can go on and on. To try some of these delicious, healthy meals in Germany visit Dosa and More, a traditional Indian restaurant in Berlin. All dishes served at Dosa and More are made using natural, organic and premium quality ingredients making them perfect for any meal.

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