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Top Indian Dishes Served at Dosa and More in Berlin

Dosa and More is an authentic Indian restaurant in Germany. It is amongst the top Indian restaurants in Berlin that serves traditional South Indian meals, Indian street food dishes and chaats. The restaurant gives the perfect Indian vibe and the deliciousness of the food matches the flavours of dishes from India. Made using premium quality and hand picked ingredients, Dosa and More does not compromise even a bit with their customers' taste buds or safety. Prepared under super hygienic and safe conditions the chiefs at Dosa and More try their best to bring as much authentic flavours as possible keeping in mind the tastes of the people living in Germany.

Indian dishes are thought to be very healthy mainly because a complete Indian diet has all necessary nutrients and the cooking methods make them easier to digest and germ or bacteria free. While preparing an Indian dish one needs to be very cautious with the amount of oil they use. Use of excessive oil while preparation increases chances of cholesterol and compromises the heart health of the person intaking the food. All these tiny things are well taken care of by the very experienced chefs at Dosa and More. The restaurant takes pride in serving healthy and mouth-watering dishes that speak for the land and the people of India.

Restaurants like Dosa and More in Germany have helped people all over the world get introduced to the Indian cuisine and fall in love with the dishes. This has also helped people get closer to the Indian culture. Indians residing in foriegn countries can visit these restaurants to feel a little closer to home. Food connects people like nothing else does. If someone has not yet visited India they can fall in love with the country simply by trying meals from an Indian restaurant.

Much like the Indian cuisine, Dosa and More also has a huge variety of dishes available for the people of Germany. From South Indian delicacies like Dosa, Idli to North Indian street food items like Chole Bhature and Pav Bhaji, Dosa and More has it all. The menu of this restaurant in Berlin is so full of surprising combinations and mouth-watering delicacies that it will leave you craving for them every time. Who would have imagined a simple, subtle flavoured dosa being served in 9 different styles ranging from plain to extra spicy? Given below is a brief of all the dishes you can get at Dosa and More in Berlin.

Grab the biggest range of Indian meals at Dosa and More serving authentic dishes like South Indian Dosa, North Indian Chole Bhature and many more. Mentioned below are a brief on the categories of dishes served at Dosa and More:


Crispy, thin and subtle flavoured Indian crepes. Types of dosas available are

1. Plain dosa

2. Masala Dosa

3. Ghee Dosa

4. Masala Ghee Dosa

5. Cheese Dosa

6. Cheese Masala Dosa

7. Paneer Butter Dosa

8. Mysore Masala Dosa

9. Pav Bhaji Dosa

10. Schezwan Jinny Dosa


Dosas made using semolina or rawa that are healthier and lighter than those made using rice flour.

1. Rawa plain Dosa

2. Rawa onion Dosa

3. Rawa Masala Dosa


The world famous south Indian delicacy! Steamed rice cakes served with Indian vegetable stew called Sambar and coconut chutney.

1. Kaima Idli

2. Masala Idli

3. Vegetable Idli

4. Schezwan Idli

5. Steam Idli

6. Idli and Vada combo


Vegetable porridge or pancake made using rice and lentils flour. Also served with Sambar and coconut chutney to enhance the flavours of the meal.

1. Onion Uttapam

2. Tomato Onion chilli Uttapam

3. Cheesy chili Uttapam

Anytime meals:

Some of the most lip smackingly delicious Indian meals that can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as buffer meals too! These meals are mostly street food dishes which, when cooked under healthy and safe circumstances act as perfectly well-balanced dishes.

1. Chicken Biryani

2. Chicken Curry with Indian bread

3. Vegetable Tawa Pulav

4. Pav Bhaji

5. Chole Bhature

All time favourite:

Indian chaats are a true heart throb! They make a person's stomach growl like no other food item. They are an all time favourite spicy delicacy enjoyed by people all around the globe. Try some of the best Indian street food dishes at one of the best Indian hotels in Berlin, Dosa and More.

1. Samosa Chaat

2. Aloo Tikki Chaat

3. Sev Puri

4. Vada Pav

5. Dabeli

6. Dahi Vada

7. Paneer Kathi Roll

8. Chicken Kathi Roll

It is fair to say that Dosa and More is a person’s one stop destination for authentic Indian food. Apart from the delicious meals mentioned above, Dosa and More also serves traditional Indian sweets and beverages like Chai, Mango shake, Gulab Jamun, etc. If you wish to try your hands on some of the most flavourful and delicious delicacies from the cultural land of India visit Dosa and More in Berlin and get mesmerised by the aroma, taste, texture and variety of dishes brought to you from various parts of the country.


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