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Traditional Indian Vegetarian Dishes Served at Dosa and More in Berlin

Finding vegetarian dishes abroad is a tough task, unlike in India. In India one can find a wide range of dishes from sweet to savoury, from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, and from subtle flavoured to full of spices. There is a dish for everyone in the Indian cuisine. Since more and more people are opting for vegetarianism and veganism, restaurants and other food joints have started serving vegetarian dishes as well. One can easily find delicious and mouth watering vegetarian dishes in Germany at Dosa and More, an Indian restaurant in Berlin. In places like Germany where meat is a major ingredient used to make various dishes and where sausages are a specialty, finding authentic and delicious vegetarian food can be a true challenge.

There are vegetarians in every part of the world. But the dishes for vegetarians are quite limited in the western countries. They mostly have to survive on different kinds of salads or breads, but in India, there are too many options for vegetarians. India being a country filled with vegetarians and a rich cultural heritage, has a ton of dishes of different flavours, aroma, texture, made using different ingredients, for the vegetarians. Indian cuisine has vegetarian dishes ranging from sweet and subtle to tangy and spicy. This diversity has helped people all around the globe try and enjoy a range of healthy, delicious and pure vegetarian cooked dishes.

Indian vegetarian dishes are a hit since they are not only healthy but also very delicious. Vegetarian Indian dishes either contain steamed, boiled, fried or pan cooked veggies with spices or some dough made of wheat, barley, ragi, maize, besan, etc flavours. The main two things being the flavours added by the spices and the cooking method used to prepare these dishes. They range from subtle flavoured to mildly spiced to super tangy and spicy. Made using various healthy and organic ingredients, traditional Indian vegetarian dishes are a treat and a must try for those wanting to switch to a healthier, vegetarian diet. Indian dishes are filling, are nutritionally balanced, tangy and delicious, they are healthy and easily available at Dosa and More in Germany.

Germany is famous in the entire world for having the cuisine with the best sausage dishes. In a country famous for meat, finding vegetarian food can be troublesome but not for people who are in or near Berlin. Dosa and More is the best place to have Indian food in Berlin. People craving Indian food or Vegetarian dishes should definitely try dining at Dosa and More. Given below are some of the best vegetarian dishes that are served at Dosa and More in Berlin:

1. Dosa:

One of the most internationally famous Indian dishes is Dosa. It is a roasted, crispy, crepe like dish filled with different fillings like spiced mashed potatoes, veggies, etc and served with a side of warm sambar and freshly made coconut chutney. Spice Village has a huge variety of Dosas like Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa with tangier filling, Ghee Dosa made in real Indian ghee, Masala Ghee Dosa, Cheese Dosa filled with fresh authentic cheese, cheese masala dosa, paneer butter dosa filled with paneer and mild spices, Mysore dosa and Dosa and More specialties like Pav bhaji dosa and Schezwan Jinny dosa.

2. Idli:

Steamed rice cakes that are light, healthy, filling and super delicious to have at any time of the day. Like most South Indian dishes, idlis are also served with a side of warm bowl of sambar and freshly made coconut chutney. They are steamed in a special idli steamer and are very textured and soft. Some of the Idli variations served at Dosa and More are Kaima Idli that are fried in spices, Masala Idli, Vegetable Idli, Schezwan Idli, and the classic steamed idli.

3. Uttapam:

Indian pancakes made using a dough of rice and lentil flour, that is healthy and crispy at the same time. These delicious, light uttapams can be enjoyed for breakfast or as light snacks in the evening and in between meals. They are very low in calories and make you feel fuller for a longer time. One can easily get directed to Dosa and More by searching for Indian food near mewhen in Berlin. Some mouth watering uttapams available at Dosa and More are Onion Uttapam, Chilly tomato onion uttapam, and Cheese chilly uttapam.

4. Chole Bhature:

The most loved and heavily consumed North Indian street food dish. Chole Bhature is a spiced chickpea gravy dish served with crispy Indian flatbreads called bhature and with sides like pickles, curd and spiced onions. Chole bhature is a tangy cheat day vegetarian meal for all the spicy food lovers.

Enjoy many more dishes like Vada, Rava dishes, Pav Bhaji, pulav, vegetarian rolls, and Indian chaats at Dosa and More in Berlin. You can also get your favourite dishes home delivered in Berlin from Dosa and More.


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