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Indian Dishes Which Are Most Popular Abroad

Indian food has managed to make its way into the hearts of many. Originating from different states of India, Indian cuisine dishes are now very widely consumed all over the world. The spread began with North Indians falling in love with South Indian food and vice versa. Now not only the Indians living abroad enjoy Indian meals but so do the locals of various countries and cities. There are Indian restaurants all around the globe further spreading and increasing the love of Indian food amongst foreigners. The internet has also been a great help in spreading knowledge about Indian cuisine. People everywhere now know the health benefits of Indian ingredients and are keen on using these ingredients in their lives regularly.

Indian dishes are healthy, delicious and make you constantly crave for more. The variety of dishes, their cooking and preparation methods, their flavours and aroma, ingredients used to make them and their health benefits are just some of the basic reasons why people abroad have started enjoying Indian meals so much. In every part of the world, Indians have migrated to live, study and make a living. These Indians are responsible for the boost of Indian cuisine in those parts. While some foreigners who have travelled to India and tasted the original food also sing praises of the deliciousness and richness of the cuisine. The various myths that revolved around the Indian dishes have also been broken with growing times.

Indian restaurants are majorly responsible for introducing Indian food to people in foreign countries. One such great restaurant serving Indian food in Berlin is Dosa and More. Dosa and More is an authentic Indian restaurant based in Berlin, Germany serving some of the most loved and exquisite Indian dishes to the people in Berlin. All dishes made and served at Dosa and More are authentic and carry the traditional flavours and aroma of Indian meals. From subtle South Indian meals to tangy Indian chaats, Dosa and More has a wide range of dishes for one to choose from to tackle every corner of their palette. Dosa and More also provides online delivery of meals in Berlin.

Indian dishes were not at all liked by foreigners earlier but now there is an entire list of Indian meals that are absolutely loved abroad. Some of these delicious dishes are:

1. Chicken Biryani:

One of the most popular non-vegetarian dishes abroad as well as in India. Pieces of chicken marinated and cooked to perfection with most delicious Indian spices with basmati rice. Chicken biryani is made in various ways in different parts of India and all have different names on the basis of their origin. Most popular biryanis made in India are from Delhi, Hyderabad, and Lucknow.

2. Butter chicken:

Another Indian delicacy that aptly represent the Indian cuisine. Flavoured with Indian herbs and spices, with the aroma of ginger and garlic, Butter chicken is the perfect dish to have for a subtly tangy flavoured meal. Meals with a rich creamy gravy like butter chicken are consumed widely with Indian flat breads like Naan, tandoori roti, chapatis, mughlai paratha and others.

3. Samosa:

A crispy Indian snack most popularly consumed with a warm cup of evening tea. They are delightful little treats filled with different spiced fillings like potatoes, veggies, paneer, chicken and many more. Enjoy authentic Indian food by searching for Indian food near mewhen in Berlin at Dosa and More restaurant. Samosa is a deep fried dish made by people all across India.

4. Dosa:

One of the most popular Indian dishes consumed worldwide by people of all countries. South Indian dishes are very subtle flavoured and are thus loved by consumers with all kinds of food palate. Dosa is a crispy crepe like dish served plain or stuffed with various different fillings. It is served alongside a watery vegetable stew called Sambhar and freshly prepared coconut chutney.

5. Dal Makhani:

Indian dals are one of many ways a mothers expresses her love and care for her family. Maa ke haath ki dal is a very famous and widely used expression in India, used to say made with love, care and deliciousness. Dal makhni is a very creamy, rich, smooth textured and mouth watering Indian dal which is generally served with Indian flatbread, Naan. Dal Makhni as the name suggests is buttery dal or can also be perceived as a lentil as smooth as butter.

6. Idli Sambar:

Another healthy Indian dish that can be consumed regularly for any meal. Idli is steamed rice and lentil flour which is served with a warm bowl of Sambar and freshly made coconut chutney. Idli sambar is consumed all over India and is a very popular breakfast dish amongst Indians. People abroad also love Idli sambar and other South Indian delicacies.

Try some of these popular Indian dishes in Berlin, Germany at Dosa and More, an authentic Indian restaurant.


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