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Tips to Help Your Kids Have a Comfortable Experience at Restaurants

Providing your kids with a good, healthy meal along with a good time during a dinner outing is a huge task for any parent. Kids usually get fussy and irritated when asked to be seated in one place for a long time, especially at public places like restaurants and theatres. It is important for the kids to enjoy their time at these places too. In this blog we will discuss some tips to help your kids enjoy their time at restaurants and for you to have a peaceful and happy meal. Taking kids to public places is a nightmare for most new parents, which forces them to stay at home and avoid public gatherings altogether.

Every parent is cautious about what they are feeding their kids, at least as long as they have them under fooding habits under control. All a parent wants is for their kids to enjoy a healthy and hearty meal each time. In the process they forget about the various developing taste buds in their mouth, filled with the need of flavours and cravings. Kids usually face a rather sudden transition from having bland mashed veggies and cereal to pizzas and burgers. This transition is bad for their health, taste buds and future fooding habits. One food item that is preferred amongst most Indian parents to introduce them to the world of spices and flavours is South Indian dosa. The entire south Indian cuisine is filled with subtle flavoured, healthy and delicious dishes that help children comfortably and gradually develop a taste for complex flavours.

It is always best to take kids to restaurants and public places from the beginning, helping them be comfortable amongst other people and in an unknown environment. But this needs to be done in places you already trust and are sure of. Indian restaurants prove to be a good place to start with it. A child can develop taste for food when in the womb, so it becomes important for a mother to have dishes which they can feed their children later without them being fussy eaters. It is also very important for children to have a taste of various cuisines and dishes. This helps them become comfortable and know of the other cultures as well. This later in turn helps them adjust better in different environments and gel in with other people.

When in Germany bring your kids to Dosa and More, in Berlin. Dosa and More is an authentic Indian restaurant in Berlin. It is amongst the top Indian restaurants in Berlin serving traditional Indian dishes, including South Indian meals, Indian chaats, North Indian street food dishes and many more. Dosa and More is the perfect place for all age groups to grab a healthy, hearty and mouth watering meal at very affordable and reasonable prices. You can also get your favourite Dosa and More meal delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Berlin, by ordering online. All ingredients used to make these traditional Indian dishes are healthy and organic, made hygienically with utmost perfection.

Here are a few quick tips for you to help your child feel more comfortable and at ease at any restaurant, like Dosa and More, in Berlin:

1. Get starters and quick snacks: Getting small snackables, quick starters, drinks, etc for your kid to nibble on while you order meals. Having something to eat or chew on while waiting for the main course will help your child get comfortable without being fussy.

2. Cloth them comfortably: While most adults dress up when going out to eat or socialising, the children prefer the exact opposite of it. Instead of dressing your kid up, allow them to be comfortable in their own skin. This also avoids the possibility of them spoiling any outfit and gives them the freedom to eat however they wish to.

3. Order something easy to eat: Dosa and More, one of the best Indian hotels in Berlin has a huge variety of dishes, ranging from different flavours to unique textures. Some of these dishes are less complicated and thus perfect for the kids to have. Children prefer to have meals which they can eat with their hands, where Indian food comes into play. Indian food is best consumed with hands which kids enjoy and is also easier for them.

4. Allow them to explore: Parents generally fear feeding their child something different which creates certain blockages. In order for them to grow, allow your kid to explore. When at a new restaurant allow your child to be free to have any dish in any way they want, keeping in mind the spiciness and tanginess of the dish.

One of the best dishes to feed a child is South Indian. South Indian idlis, vada, dosa, uttapam have flavours, a mesmerising aroma, they are comparatively less spiced and overall very healthy. Now bring your child to Dosa and More restaurant without the fear of what to feed them.


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